[Feature Req.] Enlarge album art when clicked and held

I use the great 'Album Art Downloader' program in conjunction with MP3Tag, one of the features of AAD is that you can click and hold on one of the hits from the album cover search and it will then show a larger image until you release the mouse button.

I think it would be nice to add that capability to MP3Tag's art view in the left pane, just a click and hold and have the art enlarged. I find this helpful when I may need to change the album tags to match the text on the album cover itself and I can't make it out in the small thumbnail of the left pane. Thanks as always for MP3Tag!

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I don't read German (does Yiddish count? :upside_down_face:), but I second this idea. Just yesterday I ran into this, where I was trying to decide whether to keep the artwork, or add my own, to a new album. But the existing image is so small, it's hard to tell which is better.