[FEATURE REQUEST] Exporting and importing filters or filter management

Hi @Florian and community.

I use a lot, I mean A LOT of filters (105 at the time of this post). Some of them are old and poorly written, some are related to other filters but are located further down the filter list making them disorganized.

I'd like to reorder and prune my filters but the filter UI is tiny and difficult to use for such purpose.

I think an easy way to achieve my goal is to export my filters, edit them, reorder and import them back into mp3tag, unfortunately there is no such option.

That being said, may I ask for filter export/import options or filter management UI?

Thanks a lot!

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see this discussion on the topic with further links and suggestions for local workarounds

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Thanks for the suggestion. I've done that before and the issue remains:
Trying to manually export (tens of) filters from the UI to edit them outside and importing them back in is a very cumbersome process.

I've seen there are similar requests dating back as long as 10 years suggesting unsophisticated solutions such as exporting filters as filters.ini, so there seems to be a shared interest in a solution a bit less painful than doing it manually.

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It may seem childish, but it is a solution after all. Create a new export template^^^. Keep and manage all your created filters in it, in groups, with descriptions. When you need it, click on Export >> _filters (name it somehow) >> Edit --- it opens in your TXT editor application. Find and copy the filter, you need.

EditPad (...Pro) is the best TXT editor, in my opinion. For example, you can fold lines; color the text specifically in .mte files; and so on.

^^^ Or, create a TXT file anywhere + a Tool to open it in your text editor. It gives you a quick access from Mp3tag, too.

An idea: i use comments in filters. Examples:

  • problem IS "Empty tag" OR * MATCHES "(?-m)^[^\w]+$"

  • problem IS "Wrong tag" OR %_tag% MISSING OR NOT ((%_extension% IS flac AND %_tag% IS FLAC) OR (%_extension% IS opus AND %_tag% IS Vorbis Comment) OR (%_extension% IS mp3 AND %_tag% IS ID3v2.3 AND %_id3v2_character_encoding% IS UTF-16))

  • problem IS "Foobar mistaked" OR %album artist% PRESENT OR %date% PRESENT OR %tracknumber% PRESENT OR %initial key% PRESENT OR %rating% PRESENT OR %unsynced lyrics% PRESENT OR %encoding settings% PRESENT OR %grouping% PRESENT OR %source webpage url% PRESENT OR %organization% PRESENT OR %tmpo% PRESENT OR %composer%%arranger%%lyricist%%artist%%conductor%%publisher%%language%%genre%%wwwaudiosource% HAS ; OR %composer%%arranger%%lyricist%%artist%%conductor%%publisher%%language%%genre%%wwwaudiosource% HAS /

Another little trick. It is tiring always to wipe the filter after filtering. Instead, i simply choose with the mouse a predefined filter: filter MISSING.


I've added an option to manage the filter list, including named filters, bulk remove, and reordering with Mp3tag v3.14b.

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