Feature Request: Manipulation with existed Cover Photos needs change

It's very dificult to change any Cover Photo in the app.
For example, if I need to re-fresh 2. picture from 3 existed in a song and I copy-paste new version from system into app, anytime this picture is new next cover with default position as last and as Front Cover, what is duplicating existed Front Cover in almost all situation.

Will be better if app will ask during copy-paste, if I wish to paste new cover or I wish to re-change one of existed covers. Does it sound fine?

The problem is very practical.
I have 10k pictures to change, because Sony A series of Hi-Fi players needs a baseline saved JPG as Front Cover, if you use progressive file (typical saving form for internet), Sony does not recognize a cover photo.

So, we must remember also, that Front Cover must be saved on 1. position for MP3 and last for FLAC or will be wrong recognized by players and Win.

If will be available in mp3Tag app a switch in Settings to change default behaviour of app during copy-paste the pic, will be so nice and usable.
For now new picture is always putted on last position between covers, it's fine for FLACs, it's wrong for MP3, so why after putting new Front Cover photo I have to manually move via copy-paste rest of covers saved in the file. Horror!

Thank you!

Because apparently your workflow is inadequate for your requirements.
If you import pictures with an action of the type "Import covers from file" then you can set on import which type of cover it should be.
So instead of using copy and paste, use a naming scheme to distinguish the files and import them with an action.

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If this becomes a feature it should also be implimented for the action-type "Import cover from file".

Replacing and rearranging covers manually for 10k pictures really is much work.
Therefore I suggest for you a workaround:

  1. Export all existing embedded pictures to files in one go. (Action-Type "Export cover to file)

  2. Change them from progressive to baseline with a software like irfanfview. (Lossless)

  3. Import them in the needed sequence with the action-type "Import cover from file"

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Some kind of choice between "replace existing cover" and "add as additional cover" would be great.

I'm not sure how to solve the part "which cover should be replaced" if multiple cover like front, back, medium already exists.
And YES please implement it for drag & drop AND the import action (as @poster already wrote).

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It would be down to an action group that imports all the various covers where the first action replaces all existing covers so that there is just one, the new one left and then follow the other actions that do not replace but add pictures.
I would like to add that the modification of a cover type with an action would also be nice.
A fair number of podcasts regularly feature the cover type "other" which I would like to set to "Front" - don't know why the publishers can't do it right but that's the way it is. So I have to do it frequently, manually.

I posted a suggestion in the German part of the forum:

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Good point @ohrenkino
Or we get some functionality like "replace Front cover", "replace Back cover" or more generally "replace [choose type of existing] cover".

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Thank you All for answers, but @poster, I understand, but how can i do that? Can you help me more specific?

What I have:

  1. In the collection all mp3 have Front Cover at 1. position (I mean, Cover Photo is presented in the Cover Section of Tag Panel as 1/x).
  2. Almost all have also Back Cover, sometimes other covers too, so quantity of Covers varies.
  3. If I move any Cover Photo from Tag Panel into Win Explorer, anytime this cover is naming on the fly as "folder.jpg" (or sometimes as "folder" (I think, that last is in error)).

How to export all covers in one pass action in that situation?
I am ready to use Photoshop batch to convert JPGs in one pass action, but I need different name for any of exported Covers! How can I do that?

And general, how can I export only Front Cover Photo and import in reverse converted Front Cover Photo as Front Cover Photo at 1. position in MP3?

Provided you have set the attributes differently, you can use an action to export the covers to the file system with the following
Format String: %album%_%_cover_type%
Like that you get e.g.
Greatest Hits_Front.jpg
Greatest Hits_Back.jpg
Greatest Hits_Lead Artist.jpg

The action also has the option to export only one type (like front).
I don't know how to change the order in the files - it should be the player that uses the correct picture type.

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Thank you @ohrenkino! :slight_smile:

That's working.
I did not know, in quick action is Export Cover.
BTW. Some Covers are describbed as Front Cover right above the pic in Tag Panel, and under that as CD Front Cover. I do not know why.

I will put changed file into Sony A and check, if any order will working, but for sure it will be not working for Windows, as I said, Front must be first for MP3 and last for FLAC.
BTW., I believe, I remeber, in the old versions of MP3Tag the order for FLAC was the same as for MP3 and was working.

BTW. I have to inform, that the action to export the covers to the file system is working wrong. By use this action is very easy to make too long filename not recognized by Windows. Without Linux is impossible to remove that files.


Long file names were introduced here:
[2018-06-29] NEW: added support for long filesystem paths (> 260 characters). (#42047)
So I think that Windows supports these filenames.

It should be easy to create 2 action groups:
one for MP3
the other for FLAC.
One action group imports the cover file first, the other imports it last.

As you have to see on the pics above, long named files, what is first problem, have also second problem: those file are created by mp3TAG so bad, that those files have dots at the end and no more (no JPG, GIF etc.).
Windows does not recognize that file.
It's impossible to move, copy, change name or delete that files. Those files aren't locked, those files are broken so deeply, RD command does not working on them also..

I don't know what you have done. But MP3tag always adds the extension depending on the mime type.

It's not!

While moving Cover image from Tag Panel outside the app also from time to time created picture in Windows is not "folder.jpg", but is "folder." without thumbnail. If I find that situation next time, I give you PRNTSCRN.

I try today several times.

I think, it is not easy, especially for import, if you try to change Front to Front Cover also, but is impossible, if you try to import more than Front Cover only (e.g. Back Cover, Media Cover together with Front Cover) or import Front Cover with keeping existed Covers in the file.
If I good understand how Import Cover Action operates, it working on one image file at once, so I have to give the app that file anytime manually. Maybe am I wrong, so will be happy to find solution better than 30 000 manual operation.

Please check Tools>Options>Tag sources and which filename you have specified for a the cover file.
I just dragged a file from the tag panel onto the desktop and it was created with an extension.
Even if you specify something like "folder." as format string, you get "folder..jpg"

Thank you. I did not realize, I can put in that place variables. Really thank you.

Try this more than one time, please.
Before I come here, I did that for 2500 files. Trust me, that error is in it.

An advice: It happens while you have moved from app "folder.jpg" e.g. on the Desktop yet, and now you move new picture from app on Desktop. As a result you will have original "folder.jpg" and new "folder.".

If if try to d&d a file again to the desktop, I get a dialogue that asks me whether I want to overwrite the existing file or stop the whole thing.

Sure. Answer yes and do that hundred times, for sure the error will come.