Feature Request: Manipulation with existed Cover Photos needs change


I do not understand why I should try something

that works ok when I need it.
So, what is the configuration in Tools>Options>Tag Sources for the cover filename?


OK., I have working action for import, but I have thousends of pictures as you advice above: Format String: %album%_%_cover_type%.jpg.

If I separate pics I can use for specific mp3 (in new folder) and cut the name to _cover_type%.jpg, my action is working.

But, what shall I do to use Import Cover Action based on full %album%_%_cover_type%.jpg (variables) without cutting, changing names or seperate for any mp3 file in several folders?


Working but is not reliable.
Nevermind, I have now collection of changed Covers to baseline type, so I don't need copy-paste.

folder of course, as default.


That is why I recommended


OK., I have "%album%_Front Cover.jpg", "%album%_Back Cover.jpg", "%album%_Media Cover.jpg" (I mean I have e.g. ABC_Front Cover.jpg etc. of course) for any MP3 file, but how can I use it here, because any variable I use it doesn't work:



As I promised, proof, it happens:



If you import a cover MP3Tag does not know anything about the tag-variable %_cover_type%. This is only valid for the export of the embedded covers.

So you have to name the cover type in the format string to match with your cover-filename:
%album%_Front Cover.jpg
%album%_Back Cover.jpg
%album%_Media Cover.jpg

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Could you find out which file leads to this export?
I suspect that the image is corrupt and that there is no mime type available for that embedded image.
Alternatively, you could filter for such files with
%_cover_mimetype% MISSING


Thank you for advice.

It is ordinary JPG, Pic is not missing, is presented properly in mp3TAG, so, if I change the name to name.jpg in Win Explorer, the thumbnail returns and file is usable e.g. in Photoshop.


Big Thanx! It's working! Big Thanx!

BTW., do I understand correctly, if I write %album%_Front Cover.jpg only, without rest of track (as e.g. C:\Folder\%album%_Front Cover.jpg) it will import the pictures from the folder, where selected mp3 file exists?


Yes, the import uses the folder of the current (audio) file unless you specify something else.

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Thank you so much!
That finally finish my problem.


Can I ask you more question, can I add a keyboard shortcut for my action?


see this thread:

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Thank you. You did great job for me.


Although this topic is markes as solved, I want to link to this one:


As the user claims:

Sony devices won't recognize progressive encoding JPG

I think it will be super-easy, to show along with the cover dimensions, if it is progressive or standard encoding