feature request: mass resize cover art pictures


I would need this feature. Many images embedded in mp3 file are big and takes precious space from my mp3 player storage.

I need to be able to reduce the size of cover art pictures to a specified resolution.

If I extract each picture and re-size in photo editor then put back in mp3 file it takes forever for a big collection.

Features you should definitely consider...
Batch Album Art Resizing
Feature Suggestion

in short: you are stuck with the need to emply an external tool.
But it should be easy to export the existing cover files (there is an action for that),
Resize them with an appropriate tool like gimp
reimport the files (there is an action for that).

In general: how often do you modify the size of cover art for a huge amount of files? I would say that this happens once in a lifetime of a file: then, when you tag it to include it in your collection.

I need at least a way to mass extract the covers and then mass import them.
Now the Extract cover is disabled if I select multiple items.

You can use the Actions to mass extract and import covers.

Or try this program.