Feature Request - new genre options

Instead of just "Show only user-defined genres", can we have instead 3 new tick-box options?

  • Show preset genres
  • Show user-defined genres
  • Show genres in selected files

Any combination of the above could be selected.

This would be more flexible, and solve the issue created in 2.94 which previously had the ini file workaround and now the field mapping workaround.

Thank you for your consideration.


I am not sure if this is so good.
What happens if there is no set genre in the files? Would it then be impossible to select from the preset genres? Would I then have to deactivate the option in the options dialogue?

Yes exactly. If you have specifically unticked both "Preset genres" and "User-defined genres" then obviously you don't want to see them.

Unless Florian can make an exception and allow duplicate Genre fields like before?