Genre work-around leaves the building with V2.94

I used a second Genre list which work in the sameway as all the other boxes as the original genre box could not be edited to work the same way as every other box. The genre drop down box is getting bigger by the day, now nearing 200, on the verge of being pointless. I know I could use a 'user defined' list to get rid of most/all of them, but that will still not show me what I have in the same way as ALL the other boxes.
Shame really as I used it all the time.

Does anybody have another work-around to get it back, please.

... a very personal opinion esp. as the number and names are laid down in the ID3 standard...

The feature you are missing probably was lost with this change:
" ensured that no duplicate fields are created on the Tag Panel. (#44383, #44406)"
as noted in

Isn't that the point of Forums, to give ones own personal opinions. It's my opinion and that is all it is, My Opinion. Know one needs to agree, disagree or be indifferant to it, after all it's mine to own.

I was aware of why it went. I was just asking for another way to get what I had got used to, after Florian broke it for those that use it. I'm not say he shouldn't have broken it, after all it's his software to do what ever he wishs with. I also know why we have a dropdown list for this box. All I would like is a box that will show me what I have in the same way as ALL the other boxes. But if this is not possible then it's not possible, no big deal. Just thought a would point it out and ask my question.


The GENRE field has pre-defined entries for the genres as laid down in the ID3 standard which describes 255 different ones. The dropdown list helps you to get the correct spelling (e.g. hip-hop vs. hip hop) for the V1 genres as otherwise the mis-spelled genre would become "other" in V1.
So to get it right, you would need some kind of reference.
If you now see the genre that you have in the files and also those of the standard then it would be difficult to find the correct one.
So that what you see is the list from the standard.

We can still use our own Genre's if we wish to, spelt the way you spell 'em, so lets not get into the whole Genre argument on what the standard says and doesn't say. As i'm sure you know (i.e. Old Post) it's been done to death many times over, over the years. Pointless going over it again. It's not going to change, I know this, so does everybody else that has bothered to look into it. And for those that haven't bothered, you have pointed it out for them.

All I was asking for was for a box that would show all the genres in my select list, in the same fashion as the other boxes.

My very best regards,

For Vorbis Comments and ID3v2.3 tags, it can be done by using a user defined field that is mapped with GENRE.
For example: MY_GENRE would be mapped like this:
Tag: ID3v2 or VorbisComment (1 mapping for each)
Source: Genre
Target: My_Genre

On the Tag panel, remove the standard Genre field and create another with a different name (maybe Genre., with a dot).
Now, %my_genre% will be used as the placeholder and MY_GENRE is the field name.

And it might even work with other tag types, using appropriate mapping.

Yes it it a workaround.

  • As you told it works vor VORBIS COMMENT and ID3V2.
    I am writing ID3v2 and ID3v1 for compatibilty-reasons and Id3v1 does not work this way.

  • And I used both versions of the double-genre-field in the tag-panel. For new albums I used the predefined list for correct spelling and to look for the already existent genre-tags in a group of file (i.e. an abum or an artist) I used the second field. This gave me the opportunity to equate genre-tags for an album or an artist, if I wanted to do this.

But as it seems every "creative" solution has an end:

Genre has reentered the building.
Once again Mp3Tag is 100% perfect for me. Thank you poster & ryerman. This is exactly how I like it (want it too!) and both boxes are writable too, which is a bonus. I knew there where clever people out there, once again thank you.

One very happy bunny.

Regards Ian.

There are few caveats that I can note.

I have my new mapped "Used Genres" box and the original Genre box.

My new "Used Genre" list doesn't work with Ape, flac, MP4, WV and MP4, mkv files at first (see below). May be more but I don't have any others around to try. It does work with MP3 and Wav files.

Both boxes on the tag panel are both writable so you could end up with two Genre labels i.e. Acid\Acid Jazz.

For Mp3 and wav, Selecting Blank in both boxes will not delete them also deleting them in the main body mp3tag will not delete them, but highlighting them and selecting Extended Tags and with the popup Tags panel you can delete both from there. You can't double click them in this Tag panel and change them. You need to go back to the original Genre box and add from there.

For those that do not work, in my case Ape, flac, MP4, WV and MP4, mkv you can add via the normal tag panel or the main body. But via the main body it seems you will need to do them one at a time or via the popup tag panel as described above. You can also add them via the normal tag panel, just select them and type what ever you want in your new genre box. Then they will appear in your new Genre box's dropdown list.

All a bit fiddly but that’s what I've found so far.

I'm sure if the new genre box and the original box could be linked in some way, this could avoid these problems. Maybe when you select whichever box, that box becomes the master writable box and will overwrite what is in the other box when you save the tag, so that they match. There must be a better way, though.