Feature Request - 'No Confirm' Mode

I would love to see a No Confirm preference on some of the menu items. For example, setting it on Auto-numbering Wizard would automatically apply the numbers without the confirmation dialog box popping up. It could be a separate icon instead of an option on that action

Thank you for considering, mp3tag is an awesome tool that I use daily and have tagged at least 2,000 shows over the years


You can set in File>Options>Messages when you want to get messages.

I looked at that, none of the options appear to impact suppressing the confirmation dialog for the Auto-numbering Wizard, maybe I missed something?

That what the wizard does is no different than that what you would do:
Modify a tag and save it. So unticking these would probably not ask for a confirmation any more.

I unchecked every option, the Confirmation dialog box still appears

What do you mean by confirmation dialogue?
That where you set the different options for numbering like padding with zeros?
I do not think that you can call any other function that has a configuration dialogue without clicking OK or pressing enter. But this is configuration not confirmation.

If you want to number files always with the same settings (like starting always with the same number and always with the same setting for padding) then you could use an action of the type "Format value" for track and
Format string: $num(%_counter%,2)
which would always start with value "1" and output a 2-digit number.
And as this is an action, you could switch off the confirmation message box.

I know you can't, hence my request. I am familiar with the actions and am not looking for any other solution/work-around,. I simply put in a request to enhance an existing feature.

It is never quite clear why a there is a feature request, esp. if there already is a function that leads to the same result.
As you are familiar with action, I am sure that you can bridge the time until the feature request is implemented.

I added an action as suggested, however it is still 2 mouse clicks, just different clicks. Is there a way to update the tool bar to add our custom buttons and actions? This would allow for single click in this instance

The feature to

has been in the forum for a long time - this thread starts in 2010:

Perhaps the keyboard suits you better:

and also the option to create action submenus and hotkeys for menu entries:

E.g. the shortcut for the numbering wizard is Ctrl-K.
So to number the selected files with the currently set parameters would require the keystrokes Ctrl-K-Enter.

Thanx. I have developed a few applications with a user interface such as this that allows for this sort of customization, would be a great enhancement to this app