Actions menu within menu - a multilevel Actions menu

I was just trying to that on my own and then tried to find info about that in the online help and searched for posts- and failed. So here it goes:

Is it possible to create [sub]menu within a menu for Action Groups? To have a tree of menus for Actions?

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This search results doesn't help?



What I need is

  • Action Group 1
  • Action Group 2
  • Menu
  • Menu > Action Group 3
  • Menu > Action Group 4
  • Menu > Sub-Menu
  • Menu > Sub-Menu > Action Group 5
  • Menu > Sub-Menu > Action Group 6
  • Menu > Sub-Menu > Action Group 7
  • Menu > Action Group 8
  • Action Group 9
  • Action Group 10

So in order to get to the Action Group 5 I would need to unfold first the Menu and unfold within it the Sub-Menu

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Incidentally, I've been meaning to suggest this feature for some time.

Some of my fold-out menus have been growing and are now higher than the height of my 24" screen, so I need to scroll up and down to reach the actions. Some of the fold-outs are actually several times higher than the screen, which means a lot of scrolling. So here I would have use of additional fold-outs to sort into sub-menus to cut down the height.

Besides the scrolling, with many items in the fold-out you lose the visual overview of the actions - the list is simply too long. I "fix" this by using fake actions as dividers - but those dividers add up to make the menu even higher, so I try to not use them too much. Additional fold-outs would solve this visual issue too.

An additional fold-out would also be nice for various sorting purposes, e.g.

Actions > Composer > C > Camille Saint-Saëns

Actions > Genre+Style > Jazz > Bebop

(I use actions to set up specific rules for some fields, hence the combo of genre+style)

Perhaps an additional fold-out separator (e.g. #, ## or §) could be used/implemented?

Unfortunately § is a sign not present on a keyboard, so it would not be convenient to utilize. This goes also for others not present on a standard hardware; unless in Actions Groups window an icon New Menu will be implemented, that would automatically add some unusual character [like that paragraph sign] to the beginning of the group's name

But something as simple as using double number of hashtags to indicate a second level seems logical, three for third and so on- and will work for now. Or just a single marker [still #] after a pause [a instance of it, a third instance and so on]

But I personally would like to be able to utilize hashtags to denote numbers in my actions- so I would like current menu markers to be changed into a different character. Something like @ is probably used less by most users than #. This additional change could be spanned over the course of months, i.e. both # and @ would do the trick [would work in the exact same way], with the hashtag stopping to work in let's say version 3.0

And on the side note: is the fold-out a proper term? I am not a native English speaker thus I did not know how else I could search post concerning this issue

It's one "proper" term among others. I use it because it makes a better illustration than just "sub-menu" in this case (I think). But it's probably not the most common term.

Could this topic be moved to the General Discussion category, please?

It has evolved to a feature suggestion - it would be unfortunate if it was forgotten in the wrong section.

Addendum: Thank you!

I've added support for nested action menus with Mp3tag v2.94c Development Build. The delimiter for menus and sub menus is # in the action group name.


Thank you very much, Florian!

I updated my actions just now, and instantly felt that the nesting will make a big difference. No more scrolling, and the visual overview is 10 times better in my case - no exaggeration!

On top of that, I noticed that the number of sub-menus seems unlimited too!

Yes, it works; thanks a lot!

All of those years of using Mp3tag I thought that this feature was already present in it as for me it was so obvious. And only now was I stunned to find out that I could not find any reference to it- even as a suggestion made by someone else

If you Florian will have too much time some day then you could rethink the delimiter. As I stipulated before, # is widely used to denote number. So now we now we still can put numbers but are unable to make them stand out by proceeding them with a hashtag

I find that I appreciate the new nesting feature a lot - so much that I want to utilize the Actions for new purposes. I could easily reach 1000+ Action Groups if I wanted.

But before I go ahead, I'd like to know:

  1. Is there an explicit limit of Action Groups?

  2. Has anyone experienced performance issues caused by having many Actions/Action Groups?

Currently I have about 500 Action Groups and no performance issues at all. Mp3tag starts swiftly and the Action menus fold out instantly (I use a core2duo for tagging).

Yes. The current limit is 2000 action groups.

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