[Feature Request] Please show Picture/Cover art description as new information field

As far as I know, we don't have (yet) the possibility to show the content of "Cover description" in a self-defined column or in the tag panel.

We can set it manually by right-clicking on a existing Cover Art:

But it would be great to have a new information field like
in addition to the already existing 6 fields about covers:

If you want to know which of your musicfiles includes such a cover description and what this field contains, you can use the 3rd-party-tool exiftool with this commandline:

exiftool.exe -m -ID3:PictureDescription -p "$filename with a Cover_Picture_Description:$ID3:PictureDescription" -r -if "$ID3:PictureDescription" -ext mp3 .

Please use it exactly as listed above with all spaces and the space dot at the end!
(Of course you can change the part with a Cover_Picture_Description: as you need)
This command will recursively search your *.mp3 files starting from your current directory and output matching files like this:

03 - PANDORA.mp3 with a Cover_Picture_Description:Pandora - up10Tion
10764 directories scanned
52055 files failed condition
    1 image files read

In this test, 52'055 mp3 files did not include such a cover description, only 1 file has matched the condition and show its content as Pandora - up10Tion (as in the example screenshot above).


I support this and would like to add that the function should check all embedded pictures for descriptions, not just the first one.

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Can you elaborate on that? Should it compose multiple descriptions to a delimited list?

I'm asking, because the other information fields only consider the first image which would make the the behavior inconsistent.

The idea would be:
it would be a shame if the first picture did not have a description but the second would and if you filter for something like

and you would not get a hit as the description is only available in further embedded pictures then the result would be misleading.
I am not sure what to do with the description - if I want to update it, I would have to select all files with the same image and edit it. Otherwise I would not know which cover I would be treating.

On the other hand: if the filter selected the right set of files, I think the rest would be manual work.

I mean, right now the filter with
%_cover_type% HAS back
also produces results even though the column for %_cover_type% shows only the type of the first cover (which is usually "front") and I have to check what the back cover looks like.

So my primary intention was to make sure that if I want to filter for files with picture description, I get them all, regardless which picture has the description.
TBH: I did not even think of lists or something ... but now that you mention it ...
But as you say: a list here would nourish the expectation that e.g. the %_cover_type% would also get a list. But then what about height and width? How would one know which belongs to which?
I see the problem. And for the time being I would be satisfied if I could filter for the description with the same basic function as I could filter for the %_cover_type%.

I think this only works if the first cover that fills the %_cover_type% information field is the back cover.

Dammit. :wink: You are right, of course. I probably mixed that with
NOT %_cover_type% HAS Front

which produced all covers of the type Other which was once the fasion in podcasts.
But ... i certainly would have liked such a function. Just like the filter that works with just a single word and then you see all the files where that word appears anywhere in the metadata. This would also be nice for the picture description.

I've added the %_cover_description% field with Mp3tag v3.12a and it provides the description of the first cover art in the tag of the file.


Thank you for this addition @florian.

Just as a reminder for myself when I look for it later:
%_cover_description% is one more information field
(like the other 6 already existing cover information fields about height, width, type, size... or any other information field starting with an underline after the % character.)

Therefore I can not use it in a user-defined column (or in the tag panel) to directly change the content. Such an information field always only show the content.

To mass change such a Cover Description with an action, we can use the action type
"Set cover properties":
This action can also be used to delete every existing Cover Description content for all selected tracks. Just leave the text input field empty.

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