Feature Request: Windows Explorer - %_folderpath%

I think one of the most asked features for MP3Tag is to directly open a folder with windows explorer for a selected file in the list-view.
I know that it is possible to achieve this by defining it in Tools and I explained this to many questioners here in the path how to do this.

But I think it is time to add this feature to MP3Tag itself. In fact this is probably the most common feature that I have to use working with MP3Tag and I really would appreciate to call it directly with 1 click instead need to use 3 clicks.


What about all those people that do not use Windows Explorer, but a file manager of some sort? Should not that be accommodated as well?

[I think there was a thread about that, about how to do that with Tools for FreeCommander, but I could not find it just now]

I am talking about a common feature for Windows.
Those who have special wishes can use the tools-menue as usual. Do you expect that Mp3Tag is able to communicate directly with every file-manager in the world?

By one click do you mean a toolbar button? As I always thought most posters who wondered where such an item was by default were looking in the context menu (similar to foobar2000, some text editors, shortcuts in Windows, etc), which if added there would be two clicks (right-click+left-click, the same as when adding under Tools but saving the need to hover over the sub-menu).

As an addition to the discussion here, you can also use Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 2 to Ctrl + 0 as keyboard shortcuts to execute the first 10 user-defined tools.

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Wow, I've never come across this before. Talk about a time-saver. Looked at the docs page on hotkeys to see if it'd been there all along but didn't see anything. Seems like it would be valuable info to be there.

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Yes., I thought of this to.

Thanks. This is at least a workaround because you can sort your Explorer-entry more to the start of the list. Generally I don't linke to leave the mouse with my right hand for the keyboard but CTRL + 1-3 ist just reachable for the left hand.

I've added an option to open files in Explorer via File → Open in Explorer or the File List context menu with Mp3tag v3.12.

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