Opening of a file with right click menu shortcut generates a white flash on Windows 10

Having read this

I tested this feature. And unfortunately on my Windows 10 running in a Dark Theme, my Mp3tag running in Dark Mode when opening Explorer shows for a split second a white rectangle like shapes - thus my eyes are flashed with u necessary white

The whole visual experience looks as if I was executing in a speed up way a BAT script which would show me a CMD window with its color settings set to white color

So it is the Explorer that prepares the screen for itself?
Then kindly ask Microsoft how to avoid that white rectangle.

I happily would

But am afraid sir, that Microsoft will ask me, which pieces of software make their great product behave in a such visually unappealing way - and then I would have to tell them, that only third party Mp3tag generates such issue

Honestly, calling the windows explorer with a fixed menu entry is the same as calling it with a tool.
Or using the WIndows-Key-R function to run a program.
It is the Windows Manager and the Windows OS that take care of generating the frames for applications. MP3tag just calls the program, Windows takes care of the rest.
What you see is system behaviour.

Just found this thread on reddit:

It's not related to Mp3tag. Moved to #bug-reports:no-bugs

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