Feature request

Would it be possible to create a capability within the application to intelligently lookup releases based off within sub folders of a folder?

For example:

    directory = 2006 > album name directory = 2006 > album name directory = 2006 > album name

So for all tracks within their respective albums, will be queried as a whole against say, either the beatport or discogs scripts?

Or if you have say a few hundred tracks within mp3tag loaded, have it query all tracks with the same album name and once successfully matched and tagged, automatically move on to the next - querying the next release - offering the user the search results to select from. This would save the user having to continuously select tracks individually run their queries.

I think this would be a really cool feature and help those with large collections trawl through their collections quite easily?

It could be a function that's activated/called upon by having its own menu rather than within the full application as this may not be what users are after all the time?

The functionality/method could something similar to MusicBrainz Picard?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Any consideration?

illustrate's PerfectTunes can do this now with regard to artwork, and post-rip accuraterip checking. The plan is for PerfectTunes to begin also offering the ability to add/correct metadata as well.

Would you mean you can only batch process artwork and not actual tag info just yet?

Thanks for posting back :slight_smile:

yes. but the tag info processing/matching is in the work plan for the future. for now, just artwork and accuraterip checking.