Feature request

A configurable toolbar is a common feature in many programs. My reason for wanting something like this in Mp3tag:

  • I don't use most of the buttons that are currently visible, so I would prefer to hide them. I've never used any of the directory navigation buttons, never used the move or copy functions, never used the playlist creation buttons, and I don't use Tag Sources. I know other people may use these, but for me, they just make for a lot of visual confusion.
  • There's a lot of room left across the screen (in my configuration, with the Tag Panel visible) for additional buttons. Might as well utilize it for something useful.
  • I would like some additional buttons, to keep from needing to use the keyboard. If I had these buttons, my normal tagging routine could be done from the mouse and would be quicker:
  • Edit > Select all files (Ctrl+A)
  • Edit > Invert selection (Shift+Ctrl+A)
An additional button that I'd like to see is one for Options > Tags > Preserve file modification time. I change this option a _lot_, as I switch between modifying tags on existing files (preserve the time) and modifying tags on new files (update the time to the present). This button would have to be one that changes it's appearance ("on" or "off") in the Toolbar, unlike the others which all perform a task or open a dialog window.

+1 from me

It's the only thing I'm missing in mp3tag ... ok, a replaygain scanner would be nice, but at the moment I have foobar for this thingy.