Multiple configurations - and a need for a convenient way to switch between them

There already have been some ideas on the forum, and for quite some time may I add

[I am making a new topic as mostly because those two at the top have very long discussions that drift away from the requests themselves]

But in the wake of adding the ability to process MKV files a need for a user to be able to switch between different modes of work is more apparent than ever. I myself use Mp3tag for taking care of my music and also for some "initial" minor work on audio files used later on for learning languages. These two tasks are still manageable within one version of Mp3tag but with some hardship nevertheless- it comes down to the issue of having to constantly turn on and off certain Columns and with having to adjust the width of some of them. It is simply annoying and counterproductive and a workaround to it for me is to process the audio [languages] files only 2-3 times in a month and not on a daily basis

But now I want to use Mp3tag for video files; on a daily basis. So having to turn on and off Columns constantly and fields in the Tag Panel is a no go for me. Plus I would have differentiate somehow between actions made for music, audio files and video stuff

So for a convenient multiple purpose usage of Mp3tag few things should be done:

A] An easy way to save current config. Like with a one click, in a desired location, with a date & time stamp [with seconds] added to it. The current configuration method already has been a subject of my critique: Save configurations with date

B] An easy way to switch between configs. Like expanding newly created Menu entry, called for example Configs which would hold the list of available configs. Or pressing one of the user defined config icons- but that of course would require a long time desired feature: Feature request

C] An easy way to name configs. Because having to remember that such and such date & time stamp means "for music with the latest upgrades" while other means "for video, the original concept" would be totally inconvenient expectation

D] An easy ability to transfer parts of configs between them. I myself had already made a nice visualization of how individual Columns could be added and removed from Columns configs at Request: customize column profiles, but the pictures there are now gone. But the concept is this: user have an overall pool of Columns which can be freely added and removed from a particular Columns configurations. The same concept could be also applied to actions available to Actions Groups and the Export window

E] An unified and exactly same looking way of saving and loading configuration of Tag Panel and Columns, so to not confuse users with dichotomy of Save configuration... available right away after right click vs. Utils button available only afer clicking Customize columns...