Field turns white in File List upon click and application freezes

just look at my screenshot please and explain to me the process to solve the problem it's been a long time that I use mp3tag I never have such a recurring bug

Could you describe what you do, where you see the bug.
If an entry appears without any fields then it could be that the file has been deleted outside MP3tag.

when I click on the file name field it becomes completely white and the application freezes

Does this happen to all the files or just this single one or only some and others behave normally?
Have you checked the file für consistency and that it has not been corrupted?
If you are in doubt, could you supply such a file?

no several mp3 files each time I click on the name of an mp3 file instead of being able to rename the name its like a white cursor I checked with only one music I have exactly the same problem

Here are links some programs to check the integrity:

Try mp3diags first.

I installed mp3 diag but I don't understand anything about the application I looked on the net I couldn't find a tutorial

Start mp3diags
Click on the cogswheel top left
A dialogue to select folders opens.
Select the folder with the problematic files
Let MP3diags make its analysis run
See what is reported about the files.
Anything about truncated or bad streams means that the file is broken.
Missing pictures, low quality or too much padding can be ignored

Do you use the library feature in Mp3Tag?
If yes, what happens if you copy these files to another directory which is not covered by your library and drag them into Mp3Tag?

my directory is currently this one E:\Program Files\Mp3tag\

The question about the library feature aims at this option:

no the library is not activated

which means that MP3tag does not try to read data from somewhere that does not exist anymore in the library. Thank you @poster for this idea.

Which means: @KERNEL, you would still have to check the files with MP3diags.

I tried with mp3diag but I don't understand how it works

Did you follow my description?

Alternatively: could you supply one of the problematic files so that we could have a look at it?

Where did you get the files? We had a couple of problem reports about files from online converters that in the end where not what they claimed to be.

These are just music albums that I downloaded

An example of one of these files would be helpful. Depending on the source of the download and the actual format, often these can be have issues that need to be corrected. If you can store one on a shared site and paste the link here, it can be checked to see if the same issue can be replicated.

I would like to get a file from your machine. I do not feel like trying out the albums on that linked site and see whether they are ok or whether there could be a problem
Also, this would only show what happens in my environment but not if there is something wrong in yours.

This doesn’t help to share the file from your environment where you are finding these issues. That will be where we can isolate any problems and firm up a solution for you.

FYI, I’ve removed the post with the link to the download site.