File Name Case Problem

I run mp3tag on Linux using Wine, it works almost perfectly.

The only problem I see, is sometimes when I rename a file, I get an error, something like this:
File "foobar.mp3" cannot be renamed to "FooBar.mp3"
File already exists.

I'm pretty sure its because Linux filenames are case sensitive & Windows isn't.

I get around this by writing to temp file first, eg:
foobar.mp3 --> XXfoobar.mp3 --> FooBar.mp3. This is done with 2 format strings.

Is there a way to force mp3tag to do this automatically?

Any chance to add an option to do writes in two parts using temporary file? Maybe only on 'Files already exists' error?

Again, I realize this isn't an mp3tag bug, but any help would be appreciated.


Seems to be an Wine-problem because there is no such problem in Windows.
You can rename files in Windows from lower and upper case to the opposite and Windows never tells you it cannot rename the file because it already exists.

How do you rename the file - by hand, action ...?

Just got some free time, sometimes work gets in the way :flushed:

About the naming/renameing on windows, I was able to get some errors by creating a file, then trying to save a second file with different case:

create FOO.TXT
create Foo.txt
This was in file explorer, so I don't think windows is handing case perfectly. Regardless, mp3tag runs fine on windows, and i agree this is an incompatibility with Linux/Wine. I get that its not supported, and am just asking if there is a way around this problem.

What I do now:

  • fix tags, use tag-->filename button, IF (and only if) there's a problem use second template to write the file, then go back to the original templat.
    -- Original: $num(%track%,2) - %title%
    -- second: $num(%track%,2) - %title%ZZ