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Hello I need a little help with the option for "Tools" and opening windows explorer.

If I go here: File - Options - Tools - Windows-Explorer

I know the /e option by itself opens Explorer in dual pane view, maximized every time, but what if I want to open the window maximized but in only single pane view?

I know I should remove the switch /e and that works to open the window in single pane view. But now I cant figure what switch I use to open the single pane view maximized. Any help would be appreciated.

Hmm, may be ...

Tool Name:


'/C START "" /MAX "C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe" /select,"'%_path%'"'

For all selected files:


Ya I tried the command line you suggested but it opened up to the C:\ drive.

I even tried: start /max, /select, "%_path%" but that opens to C:\ drive also.

I have been scouring Google for about an hour before I posted here but cant seem to find the switch...


Awesome! Ok I edited my post as I see what your reference to was creating a new tool.

It worked! A little slow as it invokes cmd.exe to call windows explorer to open full screen but it works! Thank you so much!

Initially I was misleading myself as I was just trying to edit the original tool to call a full screen or maximized window but I dont think it is possible using a command line swith as I tried Google for a few hours now with no luck...

Sure would be nice to figure this out without having to call cmd.exe window first...

Here are the command-line switches you can use to tailor Windows Explorer to fit your needs:

/n opens Windows Explorer in single-pane view, which is similar to the view you see when you open My Computer.
/e opens Windows Explorer in multipane view, which is the view used when you open it from the default Windows Explorer shortcut on the Start menu.
/root,<object> specifies the folder that you want Windows Explorer to use as the root for the view. For example, you might specify a UNC path to open Windows Explorer with the shared network folder as the root of the view.
/select,<sub object> opens Windows Explorer with the file, folder, or application specified by <sub object> selected.

I see no switch for the window size, though. Yet, the Explorer remembers the mode in which it was used the last time. So if you close it while in maximized state, it will open like that again.



^ This works without a cmd window opening

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This works for me, as does
However, neither bring the explorer window to the front. Any idea why?