Filename trim

Please help me in in File Name Trimming

Current Filename : 08 - Filename - AlbumName [].mp3

Target Filename : Filename.mp3

Is there anyway to implement these actions in Mp3Tag

just imagine a folder's name is : CoolBoy [2010-VBR-MP3-320Kbps] []
just imagine a the Files in the folder is : 08 - Filename - CoolBoy [].mp3

1st step » Remove (Trims) the folder's last 45 characters, Thus folder's name goes just 'CoolBoy'
2nd step » Mp3tag scans folder's name (its 'CoolBoy' in this particular case) & removes it from Filenames . Thus making filename to 08 - Filename - CoolBoy [].mp3