Files don't sort correctly on MP3 player

I have a series of MP3s that are podcasts. Even though I fixed all the tags to be consistent and the fielnames on Windows 7, they appear out of order on my MP3 player.

The long version of the story is that I'm a fan of Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic Podcast. Marc's released 80-something of the podcasts, and I've got 78 of them on my PC. Unfortunately, Marc has been "lax" about naming the files consistently. So, the first thing that I did when I downloaded the first 78 is to name them consistently. Then, I used MP3Tag to fix the internal names, order the track numbers, fix the dates, author, genre, and comments. All of the things needed to get the files to play in order. In MP3Tag, they now show up in strict order.

When I then dropped the files onto Windows Media Player to sync to my MP3 Player, some of these were out of order. I went into Windows Explorer and fixed the data in the file meta-data by editing the "properties" of the files that Media Player saw out of order.

Once this was done, Windows Explorer, Media Player, and MP3Tag all saw the same set of files in the same (correct) order.

I then used Windows Explorer to drop the MP3s onto Media Player and synched the files to my MP3 Player. On the MP3 player, I see the following order:


#13 <- Missing 12

#62 <- Missing 60 & 61
#66 <- Missing 64 & 65


Any advice on how to get these in order would be really appreciated. My MP3 player is an 8 GB Meizu MiniPlayer model M6. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit edition. MP3Tag V2.46a.


Bob Withers

Hi Bob,
I have the following ideas:
if you have not already done so, use the function "tag - filename" to rename your files (that is the filenae, not the title tag inside the files) consistently.
A mask like
$num(%track%,3) _ %title%
is a fairly good one to appy a numeric order to filenames.

BUT: there are some MP3 players that do not have a sorting algorithm and display the files in the order they were copied.
For Windows 7 this means that if you select a list of files the windows explorer and then click right into the middle of that list, the copy-process takes the file under mouse cursor first (which could be #61) and then copies the rest, sometimes in an appearingly random order.
The only way, I found, is to really explicitly grab the first track in a list and drag it over to the MP3 player file system.
I do not know which seqence WMP uses for synchronization.

Another thing could be the matter:
have you numbered the tracknumbers yourself? Then the track numbers could contain leading blanks for the first tracks in your list. The last ones, that are out of order, by accident did not get the leading blanks.
You could number the tracks with the numbering assistant or format the track field with an action "Format tag field" for track and enter as format string $trim(%track%).
(You see it is rather hard to find a solution from the distance. And somehow I doubt that I found one for you yet.)

Copying in alphanumeric order in Windows

A lot of players play files in the order they were copied to the player, and Windows doesn't copy in propper order.

I thought, I'd find an easy solution fast for this, but it turned out, that a lot of peolpe are fighting with the same problem, without a propper solution. I don't want to resort folders after copying and xcopy uses the 8.3 names, which are more than cryptic on my NAS.

So I wrote the script to copy albums to my mp3-player myself.
It can be called by the context menu (right-clicking on a folder)

It is a bat file, that, after checking if the player is present,
makes a file, containing an alpanumerically ordered filelist with:
dir /A:-D /B /O:N > %cscrdir%\mpdlist.txt
and then calls a script, that reads the file line by line and copies the files.
My script needs the free AutoHotkey software to be installed on the system
Get it from

I have put a zip-file, containing a folder with the script files and instuctions (read me.txt) on my website:

There are intstructions for relatively easy install, but as you will probably want to adjust the scripts to your system, there are also explanations how to modify the files.

I hope this is of any help to people, who are tired of drag-dropping albums file by file, although much time has been spent for naming the files with tracknumbers.

The scripts are commented for easy editing...

Have fun, dan

As I Found out today, you need to use https to downlodad the zip-file:

From the readme:

This [ZIP-]folder contains all the files necessary to copy folder-contents in alphanumeric order.

I use Win764, but this should work on most Windows-platforms.

Some mp3-players play the files and folders in the order, they were copied to the player:
The files in one folder are played in this order.
Then the files in the next folder are played.
If a file in a folder is deleted, the next file added to this folder is not necesseraly placed at the end.

This is convenient for making playlists by dragg-dropping files to the player.
Unfortunately, Windows doesn't copy files in (alphanumeric) order,
so the orders of albums get mixed up, when copying entire folders,
even if the filenames start with the tracknumbers.


To make the script work, AutoHotkey has to be installed on your system.