Sort songs on Mp3 player (new with Mp3Tag)

Hello everyone! On my new Mp3 player (a Victure M3 fyi) I wanted to make playlists where songs are played in a certain order. So in file explorer I made a new playlist folder on my Mp3 player and transferred the songs there (from different albums). But when opening the playlist on the player it mixed up all the songs in a (seemingly) illogical order.

I searched the internet and eventually read some ways to sort them with Mp3Tag. So I downloaded it and there I opened the playlist and it showed it exactly as my player does. So in Mp3Tag I sorted the songs, added tracknumbers and with convert --> tag - filename I added the number and title of the tracks but my player still mixes everything up.
Maybe I'm using Mp3Tag wrong or it's just my Mp3 player but I've run out of ideas. Anyone can help me on how to let my Mp3 player play the songs in the order I number them?

This is how I order them on the player in file explorer (already after tagging with Mp3Tag:
And when I open the playlist in Mp3tag it opens it the way my Mp3 player shows the list:

Did you load individual files?
Or maybe you loaded a playlist file (extension M3U or M3U8).
If you loaded a playlist file, the order in Mp3tag (and maybe your player) will be the same as in the playlist file.

You have to find out what sort criteria your player uses.
See e.g.

or here