Files without extension are shown as associated with Winamp

I use files without extensions as notes in folders. And when I load a folder containing such note into Mp3tag, it is shown on the list- and with an icon of Winamp

I really do not get it. If I load something fake like XXX.MP30, no matter if it really is an MP3 file or just some TXT renamed to this made up extension- in Mp3tag it will not be shown on the list of files. But if I load a "fake" file that has no extension- not only is it shown on the list of files, but it is presented in full glory as an audio file [no matter what it contains, if anything at all]

It is a different issue if such extension-less file should be shown by Mp3tag in the first place. But it is illogical, and for me personally counterproductive, to have to see it specifically as an audio file. And why Winamp [5.666] icon? Because it is my default audio player [in Windows 7 x64]?

Something special at your computer?
I just created a text-file in my mp3tag-folder, deleted the extension and it doesn't show up after refresh.
I also deleted the extension from a mp3-file and it doesn't show up anymore.

Files with every extension that you define in options get the icon of your default music player.

MP3tag uses the file associations as returned by the OS.
So you must have assigned files without extension to be treated with Winamp.
Also, you must have added *. as files to be treated in File>Options>Tags, so please check there.

@Zerow If you wan't to see an easy overview for all your actual file extensions and the associated program (which let you see the icon in Mp3tag) you can use somethlng like
(No installation needed, just download, unpack and run).

That won't help him to get rid of the icon of the default mp3-player. MP3Tag shows special icons for other music-suffixes like wav, that are defined in the windows-system as standard for this suffix.
But for other than music-suffixes defined in the mp3tag-options MP3Tag displays the icon of the defined player for mp3s. (at least in my system and I have also defined JPG, PNG ,TXT and PDF in mp3tag-options)

Thanks for pointing. I'll fix that to the next release.

Regarding the files without extension @Zerow mentioned above: how do you get them to appear in Mp3tag? It's probably possible via drag'n'drop but unlikely via normal directory listing.

That is probably irrelevant, but I will ask: how exactly did you do it?

I make my notes [those extension-less files] outside Mp3tag. But this time on I also turned on the %_FILENAME_EXT% column and removed the extension in Mp3tag- which as it turns out, is impossible: the extension stays there

And if do leave it but change e.g. .mp3 to .mp30, I get in turn .mp30.mp3

With this registry entry


I changed icon of my MP3 file format. And I did the same for all of the others audio formats that I use on a daily basis. This results in seeing them also in Mp3tag and leaving the default Winamp icon for formats that I do not use- and so the Winamp icon tells me right away with what I am dealing with. But seeing that icon for my notes in Mp3tag disrupts this system

But I did not

I have white blank icon for those extension-less files. And all of my software shows them as bearing that default white icon- except Mp3tag

That was like the first thing I had checked before reporting this bug

Here is what I have:

*.aac; *.aif; *.aifc; *.aiff; *.ape; *.apl; *.asf; *.dsf; *.flac; *.flc; *.m4v; *.mp+; *.mp1; *.mp2; *.mp3; *.mp4; *.m4a; *.m4b; *.mka; *.mkv; *.mpc; *.oga; *.ogg; *.ofr; *.ofs; *.opus; *.spx; *.tak; *.tta; *.wma; *.wv; *.wav; *.wav;

I know this piece of software, but did not think off using it to check this issue out

As it turns out I have 41 extension-less association [plus 1 * extension], half of which do not ring a bell when I look at to what the association leads to; all of which I do not recall creating. And among them was one for Mp3tag.exe

And so I went to Registry and removed that entry [which was HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\Mp3tag.exe]. Even after the reset of the system Mp3tag still was showing me those extension-less files - while at the same time File Types Man no longer shows that entry, nor the Registry. And as it turned out - that supposedly empty entry was not so empty at all: those were my playlists pinned to the icon of Mp3tag on the Taskbar. I had to remove them from it and pin them one more time in order for them to start working again. And after that the File Types Man showed me yet again that empty white icon without extension for Mp3tag.exe being in my Registry [which is also weird because those pinned playlist have their own icon on the Taskbar]

I can drag and drop single file like that or in group with other legit audio formats. And I can also send it as a single file from FreeCommander via Mp3tagButton.exe or also in some group among normal files. I can also use the File > Add Directory option. But what is worth mentioning: if I drop / send / load any other file [JPG, TXT, COM etc.] none of them appear in Mp3tag, but extension-less files always do

With Mp3tag v2.90c, files without extension are not loaded anymore and non-audio files should have the correct icon.

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Yes, that checks out

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