Filter by date?

Hi everyone!

How can I filter by created or last-modified date, in order to show only files that were created/modified after a certain date & time?

I can't seem to figure out the syntax. My date format is : dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss


These pseudo tag fields provide datetime values of a file:

Use the filter method "HAS" or "IS".
For example:
%_file_create_date% HAS "2010"

How to use Mp3tag Filter see manual section "Filtering files and tags (Searching)" and related topic here in the forum support section.


Thanks, I got that far, but what I'm trying to do is something like (for example) :

%_file_mod_datetime% GREATER "21/08/2010 15:40:54"

to show all files modified since that time. Is this possible?

The pseudo tag field content %_file_mod_datetime_raw% provides an integer number, which can be used within a scripting function expression or a filter expression, where a number is expected.

"%_file_mod_datetime_raw%" GREATER 1274175303
"$ifgreater(%_file_mod_datetime_raw%,1274175303,1,0)" IS 1

Tip for practical usage:
Create and display two new columns in Mp3tag list view.
Name: File Mod DT
Value: %_file_mod_datetime%
Name: File Mod DT Raw
Value: %_file_mod_datetime_raw%
Field: %dummy%
Numeric: on

Although the info fields are read only, the dummy field let you copy the number value from the list view cell onto the clipboard. Then paste the clipboard content into the filter expression.

Without any filtering it may helpful to sort the list view by column "File Mod DT", ascending or descending, to get a practical overview.


Ah, thank you! This is just what I'm after!

Thanks again for your help.