Filter reverse


I would like to know, if there is a way to reverse filter search? That would work not like reverse selection?

This is what I mean:

1] I load all the files into Mp3tag
2] I put into filter "ABC"
3] I see a list of files which have "ABC" in theirs TAGS and FILENAMES
4] I reverse the search
5] Now I see all the files except those witch "ABC"

And by "ABC" I mean any kind of signs [which I don't want to specify and I don't want to precise their localization]

Is this doable, the step number 4? Maybe by some action? Or would it have to be precised [not general so general] so I would have to know what exactly I'm [not] looking for?

See there ...
... there is an example how to invert a filter expression.


I have a file with "ABC XXX" title

So to single it out I can:
1] write in filter field expression
title IS "ABC XXX"
title IS ABC XXX

2] write in filter field simply the whole title

3] write in filter field shortened title

But to single it out I can't
4] write in filter field expression with shortened title
title IS "ABC"
title IS ABC

Now to reverse that search I can:
5] write in filter field expression
NOT title IS "ABC XXX"

But now to reverse that search I can't:
6] write in filter field expression

So there is no easy [quick and universal] way to reverse? I have to specify what field exactly I am filtering and know the exact value [in this case the title]? Or am I missing something from the manual? [This is why I asked- I've already red that on-line help]

And the [very effective but also very long] workaround would be to:
A] load all the files
B] find what I'm not looking for, by whatever means
C] select findings and put something like >> !this is not it! << in some normally not used tag and save the change
D] load all the files again
E] search via filter for >> !this is not it! << [with no need of using the quote signs]
F] remove all found files with "!this is not it!" tag
G] remove from filter "!this is not it!"
H] do whatever is needed to be done
I] load all the files again
J] in all of files clear the tag field bearing the >> !this is not it! << value

[Which is time and steps consuming, but can easily add up multiple different findings of what I'm not looking for, by repeating steps "B" & "C", before going to "D"]

This is a simple example to demonstrate the principle ...
Filter: TITLE HAS "ou"
Inverted Filter: NOT TITLE HAS "ou"


It would be so much better, if one could just write in filter


and to reverse it


without specifying the tag field

Or even better: just click an icon, that would automatically reverse whatever expression is in the filter, no matter how complicated. I think, such a handy feature should be implemented in future versions of Mp3tag

  • HAS "ABC"
    NOT * HAS "ABC"

Yes, that works and saves time in simple cases

Thank you for the info