Filtering selection glitches

3 observations

  1. Say I have 10 files loaded sorted by track number. If I select the file on line 2 of the file display (i.e. track 2), enable the filter so that another file is now occupying line 2 (e.g. track 10), then disable the filter, now track 10 on line 10 is selected instead of track 2.

  2. Another issue is that if I select some files then enable the filter with a filter expression which has zero matches with the currently loaded files i.e the file list is now empty, then immediately disable the filter, the previously selected files are no longer highlighted. This doesn't seem to happen if the filter expression has some matches. One way to re-highlight the selected files is to do a column sort.

  3. However by doing repeated filter enable/disables (whether there are any matches or not) followed by successive various column sorts, the number of files selected (both the status bar count and the highlighted files) can be increased (and sometimes decreased) randomly.

I think observations 1 and 3 are connected.

Running V2.78.

I've just tried to reproduce the issues described and it seems that all are fixed as of v2.90d.

OK I can still reproduce this with 2.91b. Something to do with the selection being cleared or not being cleared by the filter. In general the filter appears to clear the selection state of any excluded track (I assume this is the expected behaviour?). However when the filter excludes all tracks i.e empty track list, the selected tracks are not cleared.

But the empty list "remembers" which lines were selected. So if the filter is changed again to include some tracks, any track that now occupies one of the "remembered" lines also become selected and adds to the selection count. A column sort seems to be required to make the new selection state visible.

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Thanks for the follow-up!

I've been able to reproduce it. I'll investigate further and will fix it to the next release.

I've fixed the issue with Mp3tag v2.91c.

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