Finding info for many different files- suggestions

I have a collection of songs given to me by someone doing a set. There are many songs from various sources and we want to get info but I am finding it just is not working. I get lots of results from freedb and Amazon but not accurate. Something is wrong when it does not find info for a properly tagged Stevie Wonder track. I usually do full albums but this is first time trying to get tag info for many unique tracks.
any tips appreciated

I am not sure what you expect.
If the tracks are already tagged properly as you claim, then I do not see a point in searching for the information again.
As a collection of tracks can be part of more or less any sampler, you have to be very specific to say that a particular track is actually part of just this sampler.

So, what kind of information do you have? If it is just artist and title, then you face the dilemma that you may find an arbitrary hit but hardly the accurate one as many tracks can be part of a compilation, an original album, the live version, the best of album, the EP.
So what was your problem?
Just another thought: how many hits do you get if you search manually with the information from the files?

If you do not really care about the accuracy of the information, you may try Musicbrainz Picard.

No it is not a commercial collection it is just a bunch of mp3s they will be playing to a group of older folks in a nursing home. The tracks are sometimes missing the year for example. If I had a list of relevant results I could add the year myself. What happens is something like this-
Track with following info: Doris Day (artist)- Blue Skies (track title)
The results from freeDB and Amazon do not even contain a single result (out of dozens) which have either Doris Day OR Blue Skies. The search must be looking at something besides the tag data.
So rather than searching Wikipedia for every song I was hoping to use the search tools in Mp3tag and am basically asking for suggestions as to how I can search with better results.
thanks for the prompt reply-

Yes, it usually looks for the album.
So, if it really does not matter (and for that case I do not see why year is so important - but never mind) how accurate the information is, you may treat every track as part of an EP where TITLE equals ALBUM.
Use an action of the type "Format value" fpr ALBUM
Format string: %title%
and then try the (web-) sources again.

BTW: a (manual) search in discogs gives the following hits: The Doris Day Collection from 1987, Blue SKies from 1997, The Best of Doris Day from 1994, The Doris Day Story from 1989, Another Doris Day Collection from 2001, Sentimental Journey from 1995, The Girl Next Door from 1987, It's Magic from 2003, First Ladies Of Song: 125 Tracks By The 25 Greatest American Songstresses 1928-1952 from 2003 and many more.

But the correct date would probably be 1953 ...

Thanks for the helpful info!