Flac files were damaged after MP3 processing and tagging

Unfortunately, I noticed that all my Flac files were damaged after MP3 processing and tagging. All*flac have micro-dropouts in the title.
This error occurs if there is a cover in the Flac file. If this is edited and saved again, this file is defective. It is imperative that the existing cover of the file be removed BEFORE SAVED. After saving, the cover can be added.
Error with 3.22 x64 on system Win 10 22H2 x64. This error can certainly be reproduced on two different systems.
Does anyone have similar experience?

Just to be sure:
If you follow this procedure there are no more "micro-dropouts in the title" for your FLAC files?

Is this also true for the newest official version of Mp3tag v3.23?

Do you access the same FLAC files?
Or are these different flac files that also have been created in a different way?

(I don't really know what kind of steps include

as flac is something completely different than mp3 and e.g. players that can deal with mp3s not necessarily can cope with flac files ...

It would be quite nice to get 2 flac files:
one, without the dropouts,
the other one with the dropouts.

I could provide. There are more and more files. I am beyond disappointed. The data cannot be repaired. At most, delete every file in the folder and these micro-dropouts by hand. Currently up to 5-10 dropouts per file.
After some trying, MP3 Tag also doesn't cope as soon as a digit is added to MP3 Tag x64/x32. If I follow the scheme: artist - title before it doesn't happen. I use track number - artist - title, even without cover, defective. I'm so pissed. My entire collection.
Since I'm new here, how do I upload these files?

See here:

But for bigger files, a file hoster where you can delete the link as soon as the analysis is over, would be better.

Addendum: I check the files on the Windows PC. Dropouts can be heard there. On the Rose Player it is noticeable as a hissing, loud cracking sound. In MediaPlayer Classic, in the 30 day version of Adobe Audition, this file is not opened or is opened with an error. In Steinberg WaveLab 7 LE the dropouts in the waveform are visible. I haven't tried Dune HD Player.

Is that a file prior or after adding tags with MP3tag?

Okay, what exact information should I provide to find a solution?
If necessary, I would write everything down again individually.
If there are any grammatical errors, I will use Google to translate.
My English is not that good, unfortunately.

after adding and renaming according to the scheme Track No. Artist Title Name

If your native language is not English but German, you can also open a new topic at Fehlermeldungen and I'll remove this one.

Please describe the issue in a way so that it's possible for us to reproduce. And even if there is frustration present, try to capture the information in a coherent way.

Not me. I made a copy of a FLAC file that I had ripped from CD using dBPoweramp. This file had passed the "accurate rip" test that dBpoweramp provides so I know it is OK. Played "as is", the copied file sounded perfect in two desktop players.

Then I edited both the cover art (as per your description) and the track number, and then the entire file name using Convert Tag to Filename. Then I listened to the whole modified FLAC again, with no problems heard whatsoever in either player.
So whatever the problem is, I cannot reproduce it in version 3.23 on Windows 7 (32 bit).

EDIT: Could it be that one of your hard drives is failing?


Good morning Florian, ok, I'll enter this topic again in the German section. I'll check again exactly how these errors occur for me. Thank you for the tip. LG

And thank you to everyone for the information already given.

I can't replicate this issue with my system. I have transitioned to the 64-bit version now, but have been using mp3tag for many years prior with the 32-bit version as well. None of my FLAC files have these drop-outs that you have described, whether they were done in the older program version, or more recently.

Can you confirm what program you have used to convert your music to FLAC, or if they were sourced directly online in this format? And perhaps share your FLAC settings as well, i.e. bit depth and sample rate 16/44.1kHz, 24/96kHz, 32/384kHz, etc.? Maybe that can help to narrow this down.

Edit: I have also been using ALAC format mostly, as well as some various formats of DSD. There is no issue with those files in my library either after making changes and adding album art to those files.

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Good morning everyone. I'm still looking. In the meantime I reset the computer and tried on another system at the same time. I'll report back a few days later with my results. I also found an old backup HDD. Thank you again. LG

Good morning dear community,
I found the error with microdropouts in *flac.
It wasn't, isn't, due to any version of MP3Tag.
I also thought the information wasn't completely complete.
The error occurred when copying the files from an external HDD to an external SSD. I connected this SSD via Thunderbold. This connection only exists on my MSI GT75. I have connected this SSD to other notebooks via USB. The error didn't show up.
I completely rebuilt another notebook to find this error.
The error only occurred in data transfer to the Thunderbold port. This was equipped with the original Windows 10 drivers.
This morning I installed Thunderbold Software Intel: The error no longer occurs.
It was probably due to faulty drivers
not on the software MP3 tag.
Nevertheless, thank you for your support and your time to cross-check.
I'll donate something for your help in the next update. LG

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Thank you very much for clearing this up!

However, I believe you are referring to the Intel product Thunderbolt, not "Thunderbold":

What is Thunderbolt 4?

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Good morning dear community,

After many checks with different SSD, HDD, repeatedly reinstalling Windows, using another notebook with similar properties, I came to a preliminary conclusion.

I am sending the external SSD 4 TB Samsung Shield for review. RMA has been created and today it will be sent safely packaged via UPS.
I'm now doing the same check for an 8TB SSD Samsung. I want to be sure and I have a premonition.
Regarding the 4TB external Samsung Shield: I have two other Shield SSDs. A second 4TB, a 2TB. Both do not show these errors.
To conclude: The assumed error when tagging with MP3 tag has not been proven.
It's very annoying for me to convert many of the disk recordings I've accumulated over the years into the *flac format and move them to this fast SSD.
If I have a result after the RMA, I will report back finally.