FLAC Tagging Issue

First off, re: Horizontal Tag Panel looks very different since v2.87c, thank you Florian for making adjustments to allow deeper Tag Panel customization. Most appreciated!

Completely unrelated, I recently had an album with the same issue described here:

Before I thought to edit the files with foobar or another tool, I was able to resolve this by converting the files to WAV then back to FLAC.

This is not a big deal since I have a work-around, but I am curious as to why Mp3tag cannot completely remove or overwrite the corrupt tag info (no settings for removing FLAC tags specifically).

Please let me know if you'd like me to link you to one of these files.

Thanks again!

It's mostly a restriction imposed by the current implementation. When adding support for a certain file type, it's always a question to which extend malformed data should be allowed. It's a trade-off between following the specification and have a clean implementation or endless headaches.

In my experience, adding workarounds for broken files does not make the world a better place. In many cases, users can trace back how the file was created and which applications have touched. In this case, the actual error can be fixed in the application that produced the malformed file in the first place.

If the origin of the file is unknown, it's more convenient to have an app which can fix the error easily. This is probably where your question comes from :slight_smile: You can send me a link to the file via PM and I can have a look.

Link sent - Please let me know if you need any addition info. Thank you!

Quick update: I since loaded the album into foobar, selected all tracks, right-clicked > Properties, hit Tools > Remove Tags and the problem is gone. In Mp3tag, I now can add/edit fields with no issue and if I hit Remove, it does in fact completely get rid of the FLAC tag.

Thanks for the test file. I've added handling of those cases with Mp3tag v2.90d.

Thanks Florian! Were you able to tell what app initially created the tags?

Unfortunately not. It was not visible from the file's metadata.