Folder art troubles *solved*

This is the thing.
I have a collection of mp3's and I have made specific covers for each song.
However the folder of the songs is showing a different picture on different platforms.
In itunes, the folder is showed with the correct coverphoto. In windows all but one folder is also showing the correct picture (after I placed a photo, and made it the designated photo for the folder via the folder settings) But on my cellphone, the mp3 player is still showing the old folderphoto (even after replacing all the files with the new meta tagged files, from the folders with the correct image assigned.)

I am a newbie both here and with tagging, but do you have a solution to how I can make sure that the folders I copy to my phone, does not carry any old folder art with them?

I hope what I wrote is somehow understandable. - Sorry if this has already been dealt with in an earlier thread, I tried to search for the keywords.

Thank you, and have a nice week.

It could be that your player expects baseline jpg files.
Progressive jpgs could lead to trouble.

all the art is png, but I can try to change the format to jpg - thank you for the suggestion.

Oh, numerous other causes have been discussed in the forum:

  • picture is not embedded
  • picture is too big
  • picture has the wrong format
  • player has its own database and graphics cache
  • player retrieves its own covers from the internet

Thank you for taking your time to try and help me.
I tried to use a baseline jpg instead of the png. It resultet in the picture not showing in the windows folder, and unfortunately it didn't change the folder image in my player on my phone.

I thank you for looking into these topics from around the forum, but unfortunately:
picture is not embedded: the picture is not different from my pictures that work.
picture is too big: in my case it's the same file size, and pixelsize as my other costomised images.
wrong format: worth to investigate, but in other folders, my png works - but in these folders where it doesn't work, it must be overruled with a previously used image that is still logged in the memory of the folder (if that is possible).
playerdatabase and cache: I have been deleting the cachefiles of my phone, and reinstalled my player, without any luck
player retrieves its own covers from the internet: In such case my other folders should be affected too, but they are not.

I am close to giving up, I want thing to look nice, but I don't know how - I have an idea though. if I can delete all metatags from an mp3, like a total cleanup from all tags that it ever had, and then tag again - maybe that will work? but I fon't know if it is possible to "format" a mp3 file like that.

thank you once again.
Schönen Abend noch.

Yes, actually, this is correct as png is just as valid a format as jpg is.
Now: have you checked the integrity of this unwilling file?
(see How to check files for errors?)
It could be that something is wrong with the file itself.
Or that by now you have 2 embedded images: old and new.

This morning the problem was solved.
I tried to export files via audacity completely removing the tags, and putting these new files in a new folder with the albumart I wanted. - but I found out that was not what did the trick.

It indeed had to do with the mp3 player on the phone.
I downloaded various mp3 players, and they all showed me the wrong album art.
I found out that one of the players (a crappy player I had no need for) actually allowed to edit the tag of the albumtitle - I tried to edit the title, and when pressed "done" it had also updated the folder with the correct art.

Then I looked in the mp3 player that I will us, if it had changed things there.. and after a few refresh, all the covers was replaced with the correct ones.

It has been quite a battle, but I am happy that it I finally found a way around it.
Thank you for your help Ohrenkino.