Foo_run searches

Anyone know why this query works fine in Google, Discogs, etc, but not in"%artist% %title%"
In all the others, the "" are stripped, but 45Cat leaves them in and produces a blank page.
Interestingly, exactly the same query works fine in MP3tag and the "" are stripped.
Thanks for any help.

Because the search query on this site doesn't use double quotes.

If you try it on the 45cat website with the search page and use the terms ABBA and Waterloo, you get this search query without double quotes.

If you try it with Earth Wind and Fire Be Ever Wonderful, you get this search query:

It seems, that 45cat is using the double quotes literally. You can try this search example:
Nat "King" Cole
and you get this query WITH double quotes as they appear around "King":"King"+Cole

That's true and I have tried it without the double quotes. Then, a search for <Nick Cave - Song title>, just returns searches for ...

I'm not sure that I understand you.
Does it work if you search for the artist Nick Cave and the song title In the Ghetto
or do you only get three dots as result?

If you don't get the expected result, please show us a screenshot from your current search definition in Mp3tag.

OK. My search definition is attached."%artist% %title%".

This URL"NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS Where The Wild Roses Grow"
produces a blank, white screen.
If I remove the quotation marks in that URL, it works fine...
NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS Where The Wild Roses Grow - 45cat Search

Thanks for the help.

Just to be sure:
You are using Foobar and would like to call the website with the help of foo_run.dll to get a search result?

If you change your "Path" in the Foobar Preferences and "Run services" to %title%
it works fine?

What has this to do with Mp3tag?

Answer to my own question:
Florian is also the developer of the Foobar component foo_run.dll

You can try$replace(%artist% %title%, ,+)

in foo_run. The trick is to replace the blanks by something that produces a valid URL.

That's fantastic, Florian. It works fine. Thank you!

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