freedb lookup

I just downloaded the program again and I have used it in the past.

I have a problem that I have never had happen before. I was working on makeing a FAQ for some friends on how to clean up there music collection.. This is what I have them do

How to Tag MP3's Properly

  1. Get a copy of mp3tag (Free Program) from here

  2. Install program

  3. Run Program (kinda simple :slight_smile:

  4. Tools/Options/freedb/server and change the E-mail address (attachment #1)

  5. Select Ok

  6. Dragand drop the folder with the Music (Single album) into the mp3tag window (attachment2)

    a. You can see in the screen shot (attachment3) that this album is missing some info and has some issues

  7. Cleanup time
    a. Edit/Select all
    b. freedb/freedb

  8. You have several options here.. I suggest the following.
    a. Select "determine via web-serch"
    b. Select "OK"
    c. Uncheck "title" and remove (in this Example) "A long time ago"
    d. Select "ok"

  9. You will have a dialog boxs ometimes with more than one album..(attachment 5)
    a. Select the one you think it is and hit "preview" this opens up Notepad and lets you see the selection.

This is where I have my problem... EVERY album comes up as blank... but If I go and look at the freedb web site everything is there. I cannot get the freedb lookup function to work at all

Try other servers in the freedb Options.

Stephen, is working fine for me and it's pre-defined at the list on Options, freedb, Server.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Ok I see some problem... Take a look at the screenshot Do you see what I see?

Look at what server it is trying to go to vs what it is configured to go to

BTW I tried all the servers on the web site as well... The "update" button in mp4tag gets screenshot #4 which produces error #5

Note I changed my e-mail address to garbage for the screenshots

Ok Whatever it is it is gone... ALL servers work.. Unlike the other thread I did NOT disconnect and reconnect to the Inet.. I think freedb had some serious issues with all of there servers