Freedb web search doesn’t work

Last few weeks not sure when change happened but using souces freedb if I choose
determine from selected works but
determine from web search does not ? says error connecting to server. Tried resetting servers to no avail.
2.98a not portable win 7 64 bit

not sure why a new post was created. Was here with same problem re freedb & no connection to server. Not working not solved


Hi Guys, just downloaded and installed mp3tag , I then add files to window to tag ok , all are displayed in window but when i click on tag sources i.e freedb or discogs or Musicbrainz i get error box displaying message ( a connection with the server could not be established )
I have checked antivirus and malware they are not blocking mp3tag, i am using windows 10

Any help on how to resolve this proble, Please

Solved by ryerman in post #5


determine from selective files works (If It is Found) If not then
via web search I get

Error connecting to server:

was hoping the new version 2.99 would FIX but did not happen. Last time freedb problem was a few years ago and was fixed fast. No changes on my end. none

I don't think that it's related to Mp3tag. I've checked the freedb web search and it seems not to be working at the moment.

Hopefully only something temporary.

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Over a month still not working for me. Am I the only one that has a problem ? Is it because of the new owners ?
IF IT FINDS a match (determine from selected files) it works
IF (determine from web search) not one time in over a month. No changes to computer just update when you have new versions.
Any other ideas ? I have reset the servers many times, e mail makes no difference.
Error says cannot connect to from Mp3Tag
Same address works fine on any browser's address bar

It's been years since I used Tagscanner as I love Mp3Tag but thought would try it out to see if there are the same problems. It worked 100% with exactly the same settings as MP3Tag. I used Japan,UK,US freedb etc and all worked perfectly so something has changed with MP3Tag. I have same computer no changes, still live in Asia only change I can see is new owners of freedb now Magix. Would love to stay with MP3Tag sp how do I fix the problem.

In the past this site has helped so many including myself but now feels like I have cancer or something. The problem continues. Is there something I can do ? Any advice appreciated.
thanks in advance.
For the first time in many years I completely uninstalled the program but did not help.
All I want is to use freedb again

As long as the website doesn't work, you will have to find someone who fix it first.
Maybe you can contact someone at

Newest info on the freedb homepage:

Urgent notice and its services will be shut down on March 31st of 2020.