Connection with server cannot be established

Hi Guys, just downloaded and installed mp3tag , I then add files to window to tag ok , all are displayed in window but when i click on tag sources i.e freedb or discogs or Musicbrainz i get error box displaying message ( a connection with the server could not be established )
I have checked antivirus and malware they are not blocking mp3tag, i am using windows 10

Any help on how to resolve this proble, Please

Same here (v. 2.98) ... appreciate fixing !


I've just double-checked and the Discogs and MusicBrainz servers are up and running and can be accessed via Mp3tag.

Can you try checking for updates via "Help > Check for new version...". This will also use your Internet connection and probably will provide more information.

Hi Florian,

Thanks for your reply. I use Discogs' release code for tagging;
Tag Sources - Discogs Release ID - (copy & paste release code here) and hit Next. And then error messeage appears, reading "Error connecting to server: > 404. NOT FOUND" My version is the latest 2.98 ... of course, my connection to the internet is working okay. Informatively, I've re-installed v.2.97 and it connects to Discogs without any problem... my Win10 version is 1903 (OS build 18362.388)

Try 2.98a

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v.2.98a works excellent. Thanks a lot !


Hi Guys, thanks for all the replies , had to reinstall my virus checker and reinstall mp3tag, All working very well now, Great forum here for getting answers to my problems, I am 72 and not very tech minded, So thanks agaijn

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