Genre deleted if any other tag is changed

using version 3.21 / windows 10 22h2

since this last update to .21, whenever i change any field the "genre" get deleted (blank)
doesnt matter if i changing the title, the song number, if i copy the tags to the filename or add or remove an album art

any change erases the genre field

It is very hard to say anything to your findings.
Could you supply a lot more information, preferably along the lines of this thread:

what else is to say?
you have genre tag filled out, change anything else and they are erased and the field becomes blank,
and you have to fill genre tag again

what can i even try to do against a bug like this?

as said this started with 3.21

What kind of files are you treating?
What do the settings look like in Options>Tags>Mpeg in respect to reading, writing tag versions?
What does the extended tags dialogue look like for a single of these files?
What to the settings look like for the field GENRE in the tag panel field definition?

If I may butt in here, I had this problem once myself. It is not a bug. It comes from a user setting in the Options menu. At some point you set the default value for the Genre field to < Blank >. So Mp3Tag obediently removes that value whenever the file is saved. In the Options menu click Edit for that panel item. Then set the value back to the supplied default which is < Keep >, and your values will be retained.

no thats not it.

i just tried setting it to keep, it works for one time. In the next change the genre field is deleted again
the way it is now i would have to set "keep" every single time i make a change? thats annoying as hell.
it was not like this on previous versions.

Which brings us back to

You have to set the <keep> in
Ctrl-O>Tag-Panel>Genre>Edit>Standard Value

and not just in the tag panel while entering data.

flac and wav files

idv1 and idv2 utf 16

its set to keep, also in the options/tag panel /genre also as keep

yes, that is how mine is set, with "keep"

This is rather mysterious.
Just to get this right:

You select a single file,
modify the title in the tag panel
press Ctrl-S to save the modification
and the contents in "Genre" is removed?

What happens if you select at least 2 files with different data in "Genre"?

same thing, doesnt matter if i select 1 or 100 files, as soon as i change anything, the genre gets deleted
even if while changing the album image

I would like you to check following things:

  1. check the extended tags dialogue after you have applied a change in the tag panel whether there still is a field GENRE or not.
  2. do you have another field in the tag panel that references GENRE?
  3. Does this also happen if you modify data in the file list or the extended tags dialogue?