genre selection box

When I type in "Light Classical", this is not remembered by Mp3tag.
I am requesting that a change be made so that the new entry is automatically added to
the selection list of genre. Another request is that the user be able to delete any of the fixed listed
genre items. I only listen to a few genre and going thru the list each and every time
is a waste of my time.

This is a good program so far and once I finish checking out all the features, I will made a donation.


See "Mp3tag/Extras/Options/Genres" if it can help.


The list you see is a translation of the 1-byte-code that has been defined in the V1 standard.
If you use other genres than the ones in the list they can't be translated to V1 tags. The V1 tags will only show "other" as genre.
So I would not consider it a good idea to delete any.