Genre tag


I would like to report a bug about genre field in tag panel

The thing is, that I don't use names like "Gospel" or "Gothic Rock". I use numbers- and every number means not genre but a mood or usefulness [for example "good for running", "good for sex", "good for going to sleep"]. The numbers show up in the column; and I can edit them. The numbers are also visible in the field of the panel and are also editable; but the number is non present on the list

The list stays the same [with original genre names] no matter what. So if I select multiple files, my number don't show up among those names and I cannot choose one of them for the task of easy coping of one number into all files at once. I can only write something not-standard, while having selected a bunch of files, and saving it. So the problem is I cannot copy / save [like in the case of all the other fields in the panel]

And as a workaround solution: is it possible to remade the predefined list of genre, to pick from? I would gladly get rid of all those default expressions like "A Cappella", "Acid", "Acid Jazz" etc. and just put my numbers in it? Or maybe create a completely new tag field, for which I could set a predefined list?

I doubt that this is a bug.
You can set a list of user-defined genres in
and you can also set that you see only these.
Please note, that for V1 tags there is a pre-defined list of genres that has been laid down in the V1-standard. These genres are defined by 1-byte-numbers from 01 to 255. So if you use numbers and you happen to play your songs on a V1-only player, you might get a surprise what kind of genre shows up.
Any real user-defined genre shows as "other" on V1-players.

See "Mp3tag/Extras/Options/Genre" ...
you can disable the common standard genre names list ...
you can define your own genre names ...
at least it should be assumed that it works.

It is also possible to define other edit fields in "Mp3tag/Extras/Options/Tag Panel".
My Tag-Panel offers an extra panel field, tag-field name "GENRE", edit-field name "Genre" ...
I have forgotten why :wink: ... I use the Tag-Panel rather seldom.
You have to play around with those options.



Knowing that I would also not call it a bug

Thank you for the info. I should have found this on my own, stupid me

I've already thought of that: I'm going to use some special signs in front of my numbers, maybe "##"; this way there will also be more distinctable, if i get the songs in more that just one category [for example "##13 #56 ##99"]

[And if you think that memorazing 99 categories is to much of a time consuming, then your right; but I'm not going to use all the 99 numbers, just few of them, and the first digit will mean one of the main categories]

Yes, it semms to work they way it should, I've just tested it in various ways

The problem with the

Options > Tag Panel > Default values

is, that it only has default tag fields and doesn't allow edition of a list. And going one step back to the

Options > Tag Panel

allows the addition of new tag fields, but doesn't also give the option of creating a predefined list for them, like in the case of

Options > Genres

So I can for example add a field for the tag COMPOSER in the panel but the only two defined things in it will be

< keep >
< blank >

It would be great if I could add to the COMPOSER ta a list of composers; or whatever I want in whichever tag I want. Even a simple list consisting of "YES" and "NO" would be a big advancement to my system, giving many possibilities

Read there ...


Thank you very much

I followed the link. I didn't understand the text, but I downloaded that example, putted the .MTA files in my actions folder and modified them one step at a time, to my liking

Using an action group for this purpose is quite good. But there is on small problem with action groups; and I think it's a bug

I can add new actions under the same one "drop-down menu" action, and manipulate their positions by using the up and down arrow. But that works as long as I don't move them to the top of all of my actions. Then the lists gets rearranged by itself [order achieved by using arrows is no more] and all those related actions [that were putted on top] are sent to the end of list. I've seen this kind of Mp3tag behavior before, but until now It wasn't much of a concern. But now I just have to have my new list at the top of action groups, because this will be the extremely often used action group by me; and so in order to save time it should be at the very top so I could [like a reflex without thinking about it] click it miliseconds after I clicked the action group icon and after slightly moving the mouse pointer down

To make the order of the arranged actiongroups permanent ...
you have to leave the actiongroup-dialog by pressing [OK], ...
therefore the dialog want to have one actiongroup selected, ...
which will be executed after pressing [OK].
Ooops, ... this behaviour is not wanted in all cases.
Therefore I have set an empty dummy actiongroup without any action ...
at top of the list of actiongroups, ...
which is selected forever, and named it to "NO_ACTION".


Yes, that is indeed how the groups works and it's quite logical, thank you

And your "NO_ACTION" is a good planning ahead, but I instead of creating some empty group, have made [and selected for ever] an useful action which clears all the tag fields that I don't use. So when I execute it, "nothing" important or irreversible for me will happen

But I was thinking about how to even further improve / workaround those needs of mine. My question is: is it possible to create [an action?] that will not set the whole field [format value] but add something to it, in the beginning or at the end?

I have empty GENRE TAG. I use one of my genre actions from "genre menu" list action group to put in it let's say "##44". But I also want to put a "##66", so that in the end [after taking two actions / steps] it would read like "##44 ##66". So after a regular "##44" [that changes the format value] I would have to use an "additional" defined "##66" [that adds " ##66" to whatever value already is in the field]

And I don't want to create "##44 ##66", aside "##44" and "##66", because there will be cases like "##44 ##66 ##70 ##80 ##90" and at the same time "##44 ##66 ##70" and "##45 ##66 ##90" and maybe also "##66 ##70 ##80 ##90" etc.. So the overall number of all the combinations would make a very long list. And I can easily remember what "##44" and "## 66" are suppose to mean, but I won't be able to remember the existence [or the lack of] of all the long combinations like "##44 ##66 ##70 ##80 ##90"

Example ...

Action: Format value Field : GENRE Append a string value to tag-field ... Formatstring: %GENRE%' appended string' ... or ... Prepend a string value to tag-field ... Formatstring: 'prepended string '%GENRE% ... or ... Prepend and append at once ... Formatstring: 'prepended string '%GENRE%' appended string'


Yes, it's working very well, I've tested it. Thank you both very much

Now I will be able to tag genres in my files as I need to:

  • using only mouse
  • while laying on a bed while reading a book
  • with as little clicks as possible, especially with no need to click the save button
  • without the need to copy my genre-numbers from some external list
  • having a simple clear list to choose from
  • occupying only one [original GENRE] TAG field; which in turn makes them able for Winamp to show them as turned on position in "File Info Components" and as part of "Advanced Title Formatting", for both MP3's and FLACs

And all I have to do to achieve this is make my every genre-number as an action group in three combinations. For example:

Action groups
My Genres System#&##66

Format value
Field: GENRE
Format string: ##66

Action groups
My Genres System - Ending#&##66

Format value
Field: GENRE
Format string: %GENRE%__##66

Action groups
My Genres System - Beginning#&##66

Format value
Field: GENRE
Format string: ##66__%GENRE%

And eventually I can make in addition a list of my genre numbers in
Options > Genres
[either with or without theirs combinations like >>##66__##70__##80<<]

And that I think covers it all. The only thing that could make it better would be, if there was a way to put those action groups into context menu, at the top of the menu [replacing or just under the PLAY button]; and thus making my list of genres accessible by right clicking directly on a row of a selected file[s]