getting Itunes to recognize edited tags?

I've been painstakingly going through my whole collection editing tags, adding artwork, etc. to my mp3's and of course Itunes doesn't have a refresh so I'm wondering what you guys do in this situation?

I've been thinking of reinstalling Itunes and have my files starting fresh, but there's gotta be an easier way. I'm going to reformat my Ipod so I'm not concerned with its status so much as I am with prepping Itunes. It just sucks that you make a change in MP3tag and Itunes fails to have a simple refresh.

Any ideas?

I know what you mean. I hate iTunes with a passion and only use it to load files onto the iPod that someone gave me. I use iTunes Library Updater to update the iTunes library. The program isn't maintained any longer, but it still works fine with the latest version of iTunes.

Create a text document with extension .js
For example: itunes_reread.js

add the following code in the .js file, and save

var iTunesApp = WScript.CreateObject("iTunes.Application");
var tracks    = iTunesApp.LibraryPlaylist.Tracks;
var numTracks = tracks.Count;
var i;
for (i = 1; i <= numTracks; i++)
    var currTrack = tracks.Item(i);

run the .js file.
It will "refresh" all information in your itunes library.

Thanks man! That pretty much does all I needed to do. I honestly can't believe Itunes hasn't implemented such a feature! I can't stand Itunes either but if I gotta use it for my Ipod I will. I just wish I would have known that tags have to be pretty exact or once you start browsing the Itunes list created from your files, an album might be in 10 different places. It's aggravating and maddening!

Edrikk, thanks but I was a little leery about trying it cause it would run in the background and I'm not sure what's happening. haha. Kinda scary that way.

It's that way with any music software. Tagging is critical to organizing the library. The software doesn't have a lot of other clues who the artist is, or the which album a track belongs to. This is what makes Mp3tag such a vital tool.

If you want an alternative, foobar2000 updates on the fly and is without doubt the best audio player out there.

Another way to get iTunes to refresh tags is to save a m3u playlist with your files and then drag it into iTunes.

However, it will not make iTunes remove tags which you have erased, which is actually a very good thing if like me, you were a victim of WMP12 arbitrarily fucking with your mp3s before you realized it happen.

Do the methods above make iTunes realize tags have been erased, or just that they've been changed?

I'm pretty sure iTunes Library Updater does.

I just had no idea who much of my library was jacked up and poorly tagged from the get go. Plus, I thought Itunes would "read" the folders the music was in. So If I have a folder of AC/DC - Powerage I thought I'd simply see a list of what's in that folder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, I'll have to try the M3U playlist method and see what it does cause may be easier in some cases.

I'm not sure I follow with what you mean between erased or changed? If they're erased won't they be considered changed? So far I've been opening Itunes and seeing what albums need retagging work, then I'll open up the folder retag the album with this for several albums or songs...then I'll open the ItLU and run it so it "cleans orphaned files" and "adds new media" and this gets Itunes to recognize the newly retagged files. In other words if you were to delete all the tags from a file and then try to play it from your Itunes list it'll appear missing, but once you run ItLU, it recognizes this and updates the file.

@ Phixion, I tried Foobar years ago and couldn't get the hang cause I'm a long time Winamp user. :slight_smile:


 I am new here so Hello to all.

This iTunes issue is a major problem for me as I update all my songs manually via the use of MP3Tag which is great and have all my songs nice and tidy and organised.

I found ITLU the iTunes Library Updater a while ago and have been using it myself for quite a while and it's great, however I have come across a problem with it. I sent an email to the dev of ITLU and according to a post above, it is no long being maintained. The bug I ahve noticed is:

If I have a song called This is a test Song.mp3 and I import that into iTunes and then back in the music folder, I rename the folder so the first letter of ALL the words are capitalised such as This Is A Test Song.mp3 and use ITLU to update the library, then it does not notice the change. It seems to think that two files names irrespective of any changes in case are the same, This should not be the case.

This is a major prolem for me and also my mum to whom I am showing this method of keeping her thousands of songs tidy. She has been going throguh and retagging all her songs for months on end now and she is getting to the end and just fixing ones here and there and she discovered this bug in ITLU a while back and really could do with it being fixed.

I am posting on here to see if anyone who hovers around these parts would be willing to work on a new version of ITLU with the same features but one with this bug fixed?

I have no idea how this would be done whcih is why I am asking you guys.

Or if anyone knows any other way around to get ITLU to update these files?

The way I thought of was to alter the name of our container music folder and run the updater so that it removes all songs from iTunes and then rename the container folder back and rerun ITLU so it readds everything again but this is extremely labourious and takes ages.

I hope to hear some positive feedback.



Wow, I've updated lots of songs where I just capitalized each word (I make sure I update the filename and the tag) and I can't say I've noticed it's not updating the Itunes list so I will now pay attention and try and dupicate the scenario. It's not something I was paying attention to at all. Can you confirm or duplicate this? If you update just the filename and not the tag does ITLU not update Itunes?

Btw, in ITLU do you have "Add new media," "Search in subdirectories" and "Clean orphaned entries" checked?

I did a test with this scenerio yesterday and heres what I found:

Yes I have those 3 options selected.

For example, I have a song with the filename "1 - rockstar.mp3" and this is already nicely in iTunes whcih is great. But then I want to make the songs look more oragnised and tidy by capitalising the filenames so I rename it to: "1 - Rockstar.mp3" and use ITLU to update my iTunes library. I go and locate Rockstar within iTunes and can play it but if I right clcik on the song from within iTunes and press "Get Info" and look at the filepath, it is still being pointed to "1 - rockstar.mp3". This should not be the case. I know it's only a small problem but it is causing issues for my mum as she is organising her collection and she is altering tags in MP3 Tag but they are not being updated in iTunes by ITLU.

I just tried this and you're right. When you select get info in Itunes it is in lower case. So does that mean that if you try and update the Ipod it won't recognize the file or make the change?

Not sure about it updating iPod but it is a problem. This is why I ahve tried contacting the dev to see if they can make a slight fix because it seems like a lot of epople are using his app but he has stopped development on it. If he/she could amke a quick fix for that then it would be great. Could you try sending he/she an email to see if they replay to you?, The more people who contact about the issue the more likely it is to be fixed.