Google Play Music (UK)


Apologies if this isn't the correct place to post this, but if someone could quickly knock up a script for Google I'd be ever so grateful.

I've been trying to create one myself for a good few weeks now but unfortunately it's a little beyond me.

All I need is the artist, released, label and tracks field, along with the genre of course.




It would be much easier if you published the code you have already implemented. as then one could correct only the erroneous parts.
Also: why does it have to be google play musik (uk) if there are scripts for discogs (and other sources)?


Simply because I've noticed that, with Google, for the majority of the music I listen to they do not put the featuring artist in brackets next to the title. I've come to learn that it's fine using cloud-based services like iTunes Match and Amazon Cloud Player, but for Google the track then uploads instead of matches when I try to upload to their cloud. If I then make my tags exactly the same as listed on the Google store the original track which uploaded then matches, which makes me believe Google does not just take an acoustic fingerprint of the track, ID3 tags also play an important roll in the scan-and-match process. Many, many tests have confirmed this for me.


OK. And now: what code have you written so far that does work?
Good would be comments to see what feature you tried to cover with that particular code.


Any progress here?


Why hasn't the OP ever replied with the code? I would like to see this source added.

@Shocking Hello?!


This took me way to long to figure out, but I took on this idea and got something to work (as of now). This is also my first script, so ignore the bad code.

Note: This only works with URL search (as in, directly entering the URL from your browser). Trust me, I tried figuring out searching Google Play directly, and that doesn't work. If anyone wants to improve on this script, go ahead.

This script does have a few issues:

  • If your URL has &tid=song at the end of it, the script fails. Remove it and everything works just fine.
    - Track listings might glitch out and show blank songs. Leave everything the way it is and it'll work just fine. I think this is due to my regex that's being used to get track names.

Edit: It was the regex. I fixed it thanks to a post on StackExchange (Regular Expression: Allow letters, numbers, and spaces (with at least one letter or number)). Also, since I don't want to constantly update this post with any fixes that might happen, here's the same script hosted on GitLab (download it instead).


I've been testing your tag source script and improved some parts. It's now working for me.

You can check it here and use my code additions if you want to.