Grandparent Folder Renaming

Is it possible to rename the grandparent folder?
i.e. the folder named "album" in my example.

There are a couple of ways to do this, depending if you want to only change the directory itself, or if renaming the filename is also a consideration.

This thread has some good info to follow either way.

If you want to see just as many folders as before but the ALBUM folder with a new name, although it is 2 levels up, you first have to move all the files to the level of the album and then rename the parent folder.
In any case: use an absolute path to get the levels right.
First rename _DIRECTORY (hier: CD1) to
Second rename the album level:
Now put back all the files into their CD folders:
Rename the _FILENAME to

Thank you. I had my fingers crossed, hoping upon hope that I missed something obvious. I hadn't!

Can't have everything in a tagging app, even in a great tagging app.

I think there may be a certain misconception:

If you have a folder named my_album with 2 folders:

and you start with file.mp3 and rename the grandparent folder "my_album", the rename also the folder for file2.mp3 - which will probably be problematic - as you possibly have not even loaded this folder.

So you could rename the full path for file.mp3 and create a new set of folders like
and this would leave
And this would also mean that if leaves the folder CD1 as it is.
The basic rule is: you can always and only rename the current directory.
(this is the same in the explorer, BTW. you have to navigate to a certain level and there you can start renaming.)

Thanks ohrenkino,
I've gone back to using an old program no longer updated, but it does work. I can load the top most directory and all the ones below it recursively. Select the ones to rename and then do so. Not sure it's available any more. It's "The Rename" by Hervé Thouzard.

Or use the Bulk Rename Utility.

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