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Hello, What am i missing? I added a few files as a test. Some of these files contain the genre "Jazz Saxophone". However i can not get mp3tag to find the tags. My Genre tags are set up as; Jazz; Jazz Saxophone; Classic Covers. I feel sure that i am missing something, but have read the help files and still can not get it to work.

The filter box looks like this; %genre%Jazz Saxophone. I have tried lower case, uppercase, quotes, just one word (Jazz). Nothing seems to work for me. The goal is to replace some genre tags. Would love to search entire library and do a replace batch using replace action.

I could (I think) just do an action on the entire library, but it seems to be too big for that. Mp3tag takes a long time to load all the files (never waited for it to finish, but seems it may take over night). So paring it down to just the files that have the tag i want to replace seems like a good idea....if i knew how to do that. I'm hoping that choosing genre in the first field box (under quick action), will limit any changes i make to the genre field.

any help you can lend is much appreciated,

GENRE HAS "Jazz Saxophone"

See here and compare it with your collection:

Perhaps a further look at the documentation helps:

Not really complaining about performance, just trying to figure out best option with what i have. FYI: here is a screenshot. It shows the progress after 1/2 hour. Files on external HDD 6T, Mp3tag on internal drive.

I see that you use 2.88a (current version is 3.22e) and probably you have not switched on the library (see the Option> Ctrl-O > Library) which usually makes repeated reading of a whole, big collection much quicker.

This didn't work:

GENRE HAS "Saxophone Jazz"

PS- My goal is to replace all instances of "Saxophone Jazz" with "Jazz Saxophone"

Thanks, i will upgrade and do as you suggest.

It works fine here, but perhaps that you were expecting more than a simple list. Also, as Ohrenkino noted, you are way overdue for updating Mp3tag. The filter function has evolved greatly over the years! I am using version 3.22d.

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Even if you type in only the word "Saxophone" in the filter you should get some hits - provided, the loaded files have that word somewhere in the tag at all.

300k+ files will definitely take a while to index the first time. Make sure you enable the Library option in the preferences. Once the library has been completely indexed once, it will open much faster in the future, as mp3tag will only scan for changes.

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Appreciate the help. Here's my work flow:

I upgraded the version to 3.22b (Note: runs much slower than older version). I checked the library box. I added all the files in my music library to mp3tag up to and including the letter A as a test (about 9,000 files). These files include several genre tags with the word "saxophone". I select all files in mp3tag. I then choose "view" then "filter".

The result is the files listed in mp3tag disappear. If i remove the filter panel they re-appear. Typing " GENRE HAS "Saxophone Jazz" " results in the same behavior as well as "Saxophone" the files disappear.

This is an example what my genre tags look like: Jazz; Jazz Saxophone; Box Set

I cannot reproduce that behaviour. If I enter "Saxophone" I get all the files with that string.

If you press F3 to hide or display the filter and you see no hits in the file list, the have a look at this thread

whether that is similar to the behaviour in your system.

I tried...
" Can you check Manage history from the > button and remove anything that might not belong there?"
and removed everything in manage history.

Now i get filtered results! (saxophone). Typing (GENRE HAS saxophone) works as well. But i am having no luck with getting results from specific genre tags (GENRE HAS "saxophone jazz"). Which i believe i need to do a replace action.Tried (GENRE HAS "Saxophone Jazz"), (GENRE HAS "saxophone jazz;"), (GENRE HAS"saxophone jazz;"), no luck.

Great that you could get the filter working.
You could try:
%genre% HAS Saxophone AND %genre% HAS Jazz

That seemed to work! Thank you!
Now wondering, since i have (Jazz) and (Saxophone Jazz) and (Saxophone) in the genre tags, it should bring up files with all. So a replace action should work (Saxophone Jazz) > (Jazz Saxophone) without changing genre tags that have (Jazz) and or (Saxophone) correct?

Yes. That should work as expected.
(the general rule in electronic data processing applies: create backups prior to such treatments, try it with sample files first)

Excellent advice as always, ohrenkino. Thanks to you and everyone else for their help with this.

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Oh No!

FYI: First attempt (above) took a little over 4 hours before it failed.

Second attempt took 2 hours and 20 minutes before it failed. Unfortunately, looks like i'll need to make all my edits twice, splitting the files in two and loading each half (at over one hour load time for each) separately in the future. I'll report back with the results, Re-loading third try now....

Update: Splitting the files into two groups works fine. A little more effort, but it works. And much better than editing each file individually!

You should install the 64 bit version of Mp3tag if not already done to have enough memory for your amount of files.

If you use the windows defender as Antivirus define an exception for mp3tag.exe.