HDS Files Not shown in MP3Tag

MP3Tag ist a great Programm. I use IT Not only for MP3 Files. IT works very good with mp4 and MKV Video Files. However some mp4 Video Files will Not be shown in MP3Tag. I have found IT depends on the Type of Streaming Type HDS or HLS. One Type works very good. The other Type of mp4 Files will Not bei shown in MP3Tag. Ist this issue known and is there a reason or workaround available?

See here for supported file types:

Also, make sure that the file is really an mp4 file.

And see this thread:

I have checked IT in Detail. Streamtype HLS works normaly and No Problems. Mp4 Files with Streamtype HDS will Not bei recognized and shown in MP3Tag. Now I use only HLS Files but sometimes only HDS Files are available for Downloads...
Many thanks for the fantastic MP3Tag Programm to the developers...