How could I remove the numbers

Hi How can I remove the number's of this track s in picture

Import the existing data into the tags with Convert>Filename-Tag
Mask: %track% %artist% - %title%

Write new filenames with Convert>Tag-Filename
Format string: %artist% - %title%

It should actually be %track%.%artist% - %title% :wink:

there is a dot between tracknumber and artist

Nop Doesn't work :frowning: I write

Must be some code in Replace with regular expresion

@SpirosG is right. Try that.
No regular expression needed. Esp. as this is a tagging program and no file renamer.

[quote="ohrenkino, post:2, topic:48752"]
%artist% - %title%
^\d{0,2}[- ._ ]* that's the code :smiley:

If you already know - why do you ask?
The code example that you provide does not help anybody as you do not say with which action or function you use it and for which field.

I just find the cod on community :smiley:

Then please supply the link so that others can also benefit from the full and correct example.
Also, the forum guide lines ask you to use the search function before you post a topic - as there are so many answers already, an observation which is apparently true also in this case.


@cornells asked exactly the same 4 days ago:

Looking at the image more closely, I see that there is no space between the hyphen and the title. The format string for Convert > FileName-Tag should be:

%track%.%artist% -%title%

This should update the tags directly from the filename. Once complete, the new filenames can be formatted accordingly as stated earlier using the following format string for Convert > Tag-Filename:

%artist% - %title%


%artist% -%title%

if you wish.