How do I disable the chapters?

Ever since the chapters feature was introduced its significantly slowed down the initial file reads into the main screen. Is there a setting to turn that feature off? I checked all the options but maybe I not understanding the options in there.

Thanks, Bill

It's not possible to disable chapters at the moment. I've heard your feedback and will think about possible improvements.

Thanks! I simple checkbox in the options to disable them would be real nice. Thanks Again, Bill Connell

I've added an advanced configuration option to toggle listing chapters as separate files with Mp3tag v2.91e. It's disabled by default and you can enable it via "Options > Tags > Advanced".

Very Cool! I will test as soon as I get home from a trip. My remote control software has let me down once again so I cannot test it now. -Bill

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Its working. Now its back to displaying the the file data quickly and not filling the whole display screen with the same entries again!

Yahoo! Thank You, Bill

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