How do I get the "Director" field for an .mp4 from mp3tag to Plex?

I've done what I consider to be due diligence looking for a way to get the "Director" field for an MP4 video from mp3tag to Plex via metadata, and I come up with nothing. I did see tips on how to get "description" from mp3tag to Plex and it involves mapping ldes to PODCASTDESC and it works great, so I'm hoping there's something similar for Director. Part of the problem I've run into with searching for a solution is that searches for "director" also hit on "directory" and there are hundreds of discussions of "directory".

This seems to me to be such an obvious and common problem that there must be a solution, but at this point I'm stumped. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Have a look at the help and the list of supported fields:

Perhaps you find something there.

Try a trick... search for "director " (with a space) instead of "director"

Then I would assume that there is no field for that data - or you have to use a different one like COMPOSER or CONDUCTOR
There is always the option to create a user-defined field. But whether that gets displayed, depends on the features of the player

I thought about doing that but didn't think it would work - to my surprise it does, but I still didn't find anything that's relevant

Sorry. Being creative doesn't always yield the desired results.

There's a mp4 "director" tag (©dir) but it is currently not supported by Mp3tag.

Thanks, that's useful information - doesn't help me with my issue but explains a lot. I'm surprised nobody has brought this up before, I'm sure I'm not the only person by any stretch of the imagination who's using mp3tag for mp4 tags. And "Director/Directors" is a crucial piece of info for videos. Is there any way to petition support for the tag, even if it's only via mapping?

I've asked Florian, so maybe it will be in one of the next updates.

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That's great news, thanks!!!

I've added support for the MP4 movie DIRECTOR field with Mp3tag v3.03c. Please let me know if it's working as expected with Plex.

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Thank you Florian for adding support for the DIRECTOR field. Unfortunately I am not having any luck using it to get data from mp3tag to Plex.

Before I get to what I have tried, I think it's worth mentioning that the Windows "Properties" popup for MP4 files has a "details" tab that supports some of the common fields used for MP4 metadata, such as Title, Contributing Artists, Genre, etc. By and large these fields interface well with Plex and also with the Tools/Media Information tab of VLC Media Player. But the Windows "Properties" popup field for DIRECTORS does not work with Plex. And VLC Media Player doesn't even try to support a DIRECTOR field. The implication here may be that interfacing with the Plex DIRECTOR field is not straightforward. Microsoft doesn't work and VLC Media Player doesn't even try.

Back to mp3tag: The simplest thing I tried was customizing the tag panel by adding Field: DIRECTOR and Name: Director with a large field. I tested it and it didn't work. Then I tired mapping Tag: ID3v2, Source: ©dir, Target: DIRECTOR with the same tag panel customization and that doesn't work either.

I'm admittedly still an mp3tag newbie so please try to forgive me if I've made stupid mistakes assumptions or mistakes.

I confirm the ©dir tag field doesn't help with Plex...
The mappinig options won't help you either with this.

But reading the Plex forum the solution seems to be the iTunMOVI tag

"I confirm the ©dir tag field doesn't help with Plex...
The mappinig options won't help you either with this.

But reading the Plex forum the solution seems to be the iTunMOVI tag"

Thanks for your continued support! That reference is one I found already, but I missed the part about director(s). Nevertheless, I'm way in over my head when it comes to making sense of how to use that. I'm not a stranger to HTML/XML but I can't see how it relates to mp3tag/Plex. I'm hoping there's a less abstruse solution but I'm beginning to fear that my stopgap measure of including Director(s) in the description is going to remain my only viable option for some time to come.

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