Mp3tag v3.04a released

Mp3tag v3.04 released

Computers can always be faster and I've spent so much time working on improving performance over the course of the past weeks.

Performance improvements

This version adds various improvements to make reading MP3 and MP4 files (especially MP4s with chapters) even more performant. Also, the process of selecting large amounts of files (all file formats) is more snappy with this new version.

Album artists from MusicBrainz

This version adds support for importing album artist information from MusicBrainz. MusicBrainz also has become my favorite tag source in Mp3tag over time. It has all the information I need, usually with great accuracy and excellent data quality.

Randomize sorting

If you ever wanted to create a playlist with tracks in randomized order, you've either used Mp3tag's hidden feature to randomize the file list or resorted to manual ordering. This feature is not hidden anymore but available now via "View > Sort By > Randomize".

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As always, thank you for reading, your interest and your support.

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— Florian

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • added support for ALBUMARTIST, ALBUMARTISTSORT, and MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID to MusicBrainz tag source.
  • added option to randomize sorting via menu "View > Sort by". (#11763, #50519)
  • added support for MP4 movie tag field DIRECTOR. (#50610)
  • CDG files are now renamed with corresponding FLAC files. (#18245, #50830)


  • improved performance when reading MP3 and MP4 files.
  • improved performance when selecting large amounts of files. (#50632)
  • improved reading performance for large MP4 files. (#50419)
  • added special handling for iTunEXTC field name for MP4. (#50857)
  • changed Discogs tag sources to remove apostrophe from title. (#50382)
  • pressing ESC while moving action groups via drag'n'drop in action groups dialog does not close dialog anymore.
  • web sources framework debug output now doesn't contain dump of input data anymore (use debugwriteinput for that).
  • updated Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Slovak, Spanish, and Turkish translation.

Bug Fixes

  • moving action groups via drag'n'drop in action groups dialog did not remove drag image on drag end via ESC. (#50477)
  • documentation of action 'Remove duplicate fields' did not mention that the first value is retained. (#50727)
  • runtime error when attempting to display tag source toolbar tooltip for tag sources with very long names. (#50704)
  • web sources framework json_select_array always assumed index parameter. (#50494)
  • web sources framework json_select_many always assumed type string for selected elements. (#50625)
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I've just released Mp3tag v3.04a as a hotfix release for Mp3tag v3.04. I've introduced two memory leaks with the previous version which needed to be fixed immediately.

Thanks to the person who reported this issue!