How do I make a field from a tag source

I probably can't see for looking, I've used MP3 tag for a while, but I want to change the way it saves it on the pc.

Right now I have it

albumartist - album - year \track#-disk# - title etc

what I'm trying to achive is

albumartist - album - year - (cd, 7",12", EP, Single, Maxi) or whatever it may be I want it in brackets on the end

I see it on the music brainz when you tag source it as a title headed type but can't figure out how to do it myself, all I have a achieved is dementia type brain fog

can someone explain how I do this, in an idiot proof way please, pretend I'm your nan :smiley:

edited= I forgot to say I need to know how to get the info off of musicbrainz and into MP3tag to do what I'm hoping to do :smiley: I did say I have brain fog

You want to change the filename of every track, right?

You can't use the " sign in a windows filename, because this is a invalid character. Like the ? or * and some others. But you could replace it with similar looking characters like two '.

Could you please show us with a screenshot where you see this information CD, 7", Single, Maxi in your used Tag Source result window for your album?

Thank you for you reply.

I figured it would change the filename for each track, as each folder has an entire album, cd, or whatever.

I thought about the " invalid character and just figured I'd go really old school, and just replace 7" with 45 and 12" with 33 :smiley:

If you click on one of your listed albums, where exactly do you see the information CD, 7", Single, Maxi in the upper right corner?

Do you see something like MEDIATYPE and/or ALBUMTYPE?

You can fill the information delivered from MusicBrainz into the tags of every track in your album. With the information saved in your tags you can build your new filename.

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Its under media type

Just my personal opinion: neither the inches nor the rpms make any sense with digital files on a mass storage. I would use "Single" and "Maxi".

Fair comment, I just included them as an example of different formats, as I'm old enough sadly to own all types of media :smiley:

I think I remember 12-inch discs that had to be played at 45 rpm.

1.) Load your album - let's say your 12"-Vinyl-Album with 10 Tracks called "The Final Countdown" from Europe - into Mp3tag

2.) Select all 10 tracks

3.) Call your Tag Source Script and choose the exact same album from Country "XE"

4.) If you see the same 10 track names on the lower right side - exactly aligned with your local 10 tracks on the lower left side - then press OK in the Tag Source result window
-> This saves all the visible information from MusicBrainz into the tags of your tracks

5.) Use the Convert Tag -> Filename (ALT + 1) and build your new filename as you want it, for example:
Format string:

IMPORTANT For those finding this solution later:

If you want to have unique tracknames you could try a format string for Convert like this:
%ALBUMARTIST% - %ALBUM% - %YEAR%[ - ($replace(%MEDIATYPE%,'"',''''))]\$regexp(%TRACK%,'(.*)\/(.*)',$1) - %TITLE%

This would create the following Vinyl track name #1:
Europe - The Final Countdown - 1986 - (12'' Vinyl)\A1 - The Final Countdown.mp3

Of course you can replace the invalid " character in MEDIATYPE with whatever character(s) you like. Examples are inch or the two '

The regular expression after the \ (= backslash, separating the directory name from the filenames) extracts the part before the / (=slash, separating the tracknumber from total number of tracks in this album) in %TRACK%. Otherwise you get a A110 as Vinyl track number.

If you prefer to see a numerical tracknumber 01 instead of A1 you can use this format string:
%ALBUMARTIST% - %ALBUM% - %YEAR%[ - ($replace(%MEDIATYPE%,'"',''''))]\$num(%_counter%,2) - %TITLE%
Please be aware that your track B1 will become 06 if it is the 6th track in the selected list of tracks.

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Yes your quite right, some do

Your a star thank you, I remember doing this years ago with several a4 pads and a pen lol

If you want to keep the "inch" information, you could modify the format string to:
%ALBUMARTIST% - %ALBUM% - %YEAR% - ($replace(%MEDIATYPE%,'"', inch))

Please note that this format string currently creates the same FILENAME for all 10 tracks.
You would need something to distinguish the tracks.

If you want to rename the folder only, apply the format string to _DIRECTORY with Converter>Tag-Tag.

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Thank you, I will play around and see which I prefer. I can be a bit anal at times :rofl:

Thank you both very much for your help

Hopefully I won't need any further assistance

Please create a backup and then start "playing around".
Just in case you want to restore your files and try it again. :innocent:

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I made some dummy albums that would cover all areas, specifically, I've been burnt before lmao

Do they also cover the case that there is no data for MEDIATYPE?

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I added a field called media type that I could enter in any missing info if necessary, so hopefully all my bases are covered if not I'll be back :wink:

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