How do I move a subfolder out of a folder

Is there an action that can be created to move subfolders to the main folder?

for instance I have a folder named: "various.artists.80s.hits.the.collection.2cd.2023" that has a subfolder named: "80s Hits The Collection - 2023 - Various Artists". I want to move this folder to the main directory.

Try an action of the type "Format value" or Convert>Tag-Tag for _DIRECTORY
Format string: ..\..\%_directory%

Thank you, this worked. however I need to modify it a bit.

for instance if a subfolder is listed as CD 1 and inside that subfolder are the tracks, I would like to have the tracks be moved to under the main folder.. For instance if Michael Jackson History \cd1\ has tracks.. i want to move the tracks under the cd1 subfolder to the root which would be Michael Jackson History

As always in special cases that do not match the original pattern:
Use a filter, e.g.
%_directory% HAS CD1

Then treat these files and rename _DIRECTORY with an absolute path so that it gets the same name as the parent folder.

it's still not working. Let me try to explain again.

i have files in a sub folder I want to move one folder back. ie.

Ultimix301\Ultimix_301\track1, track2,track3,track4

I want to move the files to

\Ultimix301\track1, track2,track3,track4

and if possible, delete the subfolder \Ultimix_301

Which means that you have to rename _DIRECTORY to `..%_parent_folder%

pls help. I royally screwed something up. this is what my action looks like. what should it be?


Action Type: Format Value
Format string: %_parent_directory%

Format string :

@poster is right - for some reason I used an invalid variable name. the correct one would be:

@mbrazil05: But you messed up as you did not assign the value of %_parent_directory% to _DIRECTORY but the other way round.
Please use Convert>Tag-Tag for this operation so that you can check the probable result in the preview.

I'm sorry but it still does not work. It's creating a subfolder with the same name as the main folder and put the files into it instead of moving the files to the main folder and deleting the subfolder.

  1. This is what it is originally: Thriller \ CD1\ mp31,mp32,mp34

  2. I want it to look like this: Thriller\mp31,mp32,mp34

when I only want it to be just the songs into the root main folder called thrillers


The combination of both suggestions would probably lead to success:
Format string: ..\..\%_parent_directory%
Format string: ..\%_parent_directory%

But as I also suggested: try it first with Convert>Tag-Tag to see the preview.

it is not working. what the action does is creates a subfolder and then places the files into the subfolder which is what i don't want it to do. I simply want to move the files out of the subfolder to the main folder and delete the subfolder.

as fas the Convert>Tag-Tag. nothing happens.

Please show us a dump of the parameters that you entered for this problem.

It is not plausible that really nothing happens.
Over here it looks something like this:

which shows that the current folder "Hörspiel Box" will be renamed to "Podcasts".

C:\Users\ONE\Downloads\4. _ Music\thrillers\dog food\Larry Levan - The Final Nights Of Paradise Garage - ( Sep 1987 ) PT.1 by aldo manfredini.mp3

C:\Users\ONE\Downloads\4. _ Music\thrillers\dog food\NO RAIN (PUMPKIN REMIX) - PUMPKIN - LITTLE GIANT ACORN RECORDS.mp3

C:\Users\ONE\Downloads\4. _ Music\thrillers\dog food\Rick James - You and I Extended.mp4

These are not the parameters that you entered but probably the output of the preview.
I would like to see a similar screenshot of the one I showed.

I don't understand what you are asking me. can you send me a screen shot of an action that displays what I'm suppose to put where?

I already did:

here is everything.

Please compare your input in Convert>Tag-Tag and mine.
You will notice a certain difference, I hope.
So please enter the parameters from my attempt and see what that does in your system.


How do I convert those same steps into an action?