How do you run scripts?

I'm using ChatGPT to write me scripts but since it's resources date back to 2021, I think the GUI of Mp3Tag has changed too much because all the steps it tells me to carry out in the GUI are not there.
So in theory I have the code, I just need to know how to run it?
Thanks in advance!

What scripts could you have in mind?
See here for the command line interface:

Thanks but I'm not sure how that helps? I don't see the answer to my question?
I'm not looking for help with regard to the script itself, there I rely on ChatGPT which has been pretty consistently great with all programming questions.
I just don't know how to run the script now that I have the code?

Which brings me back to the question: what kind of script is that supposed to be and wwhat should it do in the context of MP3tag that you got generated by ChatGPT?

Here is a very similar question:

I'm not sure how to answer? What do you mean by "kind of script"? How many kinds are there? (if my question sounds dumb, bare in mind I'm not a programmer, I only have extremely basic notions of coding. Like maybe 1 month of training in Python)

The reason for the script...
In the 'Artist' field, there is the name of the main artist + collaborators. I would like to have only the main artist in the 'Artist' field and move the collaborators as a 'Comment' to each corresponding file.

Yes, I had seen that post but what I'm trying to do has nothing to do with .cue files.

If you want to treat the contents of fields then I would recommend actions or in some cases Convert>Tag-Tag.

As you have gathered from the linked thread there are apparently export scripts. I would also count action groups and web source scripts to have a script-like character. But none of them can be called externally.
I was puzzled that you

AFAI understand scripts, you have to call the script interpreter somehow and tell it to execute a script. One way would be to call the program and the script with a command line instruction. But there is no such call for MP3tag.

Right now it would be nice if you could either show us the script that would do what you intend but fails because the GUI has allegedly failed or describe/show the real problem.

See also here:

Without using the term “script” it would be more helpful if you would just show what you are trying to do.

This is something that can easily be done directly from within mp3tag and does not require anything external. But some specific examples would help to clarify. If your current Artist really does contain the format of “main artist + collaborators” you could use the Action called Guess Values.

Source: %artist%
Target string: %artist% + %comment%

Ok, great thanks! A lot to read but unfortunately I have to leave now so I'll read all this carefully when I'm back later. :slightly_smiling_face:

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