How to automate Copying MP3 tags to FLAC files in batches


MP3TAG is a very useful program, much appreciated.

I am converting over from MP3 to FLAC files. My MP3 files already have customized tags viewable in MP3TAG, so they would be very time consuming to re-create. I am trying to figure out the most efficient way in which to copy over these MP3 tags to the FLAC files. I assume I will set this up by placing each pair of MP3 and FLAC files in the same directory, and with the same file name and path, only differing in the extension. I know how to do the copying of tags in MP3TAG manually (one file at a time) with Copy and Paste, but is there a way using MP3TAG to automate copying over the tags, perhaps with some sort of script file? Since I know VB, is there a way to control MP3TAG from a Visual Basic program--i.e, does it expose an API to outside control?

Thank you

Importing tags from one library to another

You can copy and paste the tags of more than just one file at a time with Mp3tag. The only thing is that you have to have the same number of MP3s and FLACs and they also have to be sorted in the same order so that tags don't get written in the wrong files.


Thank you for responding Sebastian, this sounds like just what I need.

I assume to do what you say, after setting up the file pairs in the directory as I mentioned, I will set a filter on the directory to just show MP3 files, select them all, Copy to clipboard, then reset the filter to show FLAC files, select them all, then Paste. Is that right?

I should add that I just tried doing what I outlined above, and it appears to work fine.

Thank you


That would be a possible approach, yes. You can also have the files in another place, though. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help.