How to avoid Gracenote Recognition

Hi all, I have an issue on my Volvo, which has gracenote embedded in the OS of the infotainment (Sensus). I have my usual USB stick where, thanks to Mp3Tag, I created my own albums and track order, but the Gracenote everytime matches the ID and squeezes my albums putting the ones present in his database. Do you know if there is a way to make the mp3 "not recognizable" so it will be forced to use the custom tags?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I would have a look at the user manual for your Volvo car radio.

If there is really no option to disable Gracenote recognition, you would have to find out, what exactly your infotainment systems is using to match the data? What ID do you mean? Just the filename? Or the embedded ARTIST and/or ALBUM and/or YEAR? Any other tag content?

From a Google search I found this:

Going to Settings -> Media -> Gracenote allows you to turn off the display of the data.

I'm not sure, if this also stops recognizing your tracks.

Hi, unfortunately this seems a bug on Volvo side. Even switching off the "use gracenote" flag, everytime I turn on the infotainment it "overrides" my albums with Gracenote ones. Due to that my idea was to understand how Gracenote recognizes a track. If is through existing tags, maybe there is Gracenote ID or that would disable the match I suppose.

If you look at one of this tracks "touched" by your Volvo infotainement system back in your Mp3tag by pressing Alt + T (View -> Extended Tags), do you see anything about Gracenote, Volvo or Sensus?

If you can show us a screenshot from the Extended Tags, we can maybe see something like such a Gracenote ID.

Thanks LyricsLover for the hint on the extended tags..I checked and there is nothing hidden like a GracenoteID..but will try to search for some correlations between files which are moved to the "Gracenote Album" and the ones which still remain under my custom one.

Just as an example, I have some Pink floyd albums, and when I go to "Album" view I want to have them grouped, so I retagged them like

PF - The Wall
PF - The Dark Side of the Moon

Gracenote is moving to the original Album names, screwing my order. Same USB stick, in other cars, still keep my tagging.

Usually, players identify an album as having the same data in ALBUMARTIST.
I wonder how the player in your car gets the idea that it should complete the data?
Which fields have you filled?
Ordinary players like to see data in ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST; ALBUM, YEAR, TRACK, TITLE and possibly a picture of the cover - what more could Gracenote add?

Unfortunately, this is an indication that your infotainement system creates his own sort order and album grouping mechanism - aside from and ignoring your existing tags. Maybe with his own database and recognizing rules.

I would try the suggestion from @ohrenkino with the ALBUMARTIST tag filled. If this tag (and the other mentioned one) will be ignored too, there is not much else left to do.

Yes, that's what Gracenote does. Unfortunately seems bugged, due to that I am hoping to find a way to break their recognition model..As alternative I am creating playlists but also there, seems some are visible, other no...really no idea how they can do a so bad system on 50k euro cars..

Do they sell (even more expensive) car audio systems for your Volvo model?
Sometimes, this is some strange kind of marketing...

I wonder how this player detects really the matching data.
I mean: "A great day for freedom" comes on "The Division Bell" and "PULSE".
"A soucer full of secrets" on the named album and on "Ummagumma"
"Another brick in the wall" could be from the Album "The Wall" or be the single/EP.
"Any colour you like" exists in 3 live versions if you are a collector...
So, what does the extended tags dialogue look like?

To my knowledge it is using audio-fingerprinting of songs and local databases that can be updated in cars. Which of the several possible albums it takes, no clue. (perhaps tags, folders of the local music).

What an unusual effort: instead of just reading the present tag data, the player causes data traffic to compare the acoustic fingerprint, the local gracenote database has to be updated frequently and manually using a USB thumb drive and the feature cannot be switched off ...
I wonder what that system does with tracks that feature home-made audio to which there is no acoustic fingerprint ...

I assume, the system does the same as for all well known music to which Gracenote has no acoustic fingerprint: They call it "educated guess".
In the best case it's just some kind of similarity calculation.
If it "sounds" like Bruce Springsteen, it must be Bruce Springsteen. :wink:

I think that this is a very comfortable feature for most users. People like us who carefully care about a personal system of order and tags are quite exotic.:wink: I don't know anyone from my family or circle of friends who takes the trouble to treat their music files beyond the existing data.


My personal opinion here would be that any software should first of all respect any effort that the user has invested to supply data.
If there is something missing, then the software may try to complete that. But in general the user data is untouchable.